Oscar Di Maio: “At the time of TeleCafone I gave away terni to the lottery. Francesca Pascale disappointed me on a human level"


Oscar Di Maio: “At the time of TeleCafone I gave away terni to the lottery. Francesca Pascale disappointed me on a human level"

Oscar Di Maio talks about himself in a long interview on the Tozzabancone podcast and retraces his entire career, from the epic of his rude man, through Gomorra and Mixed By Erry, up to the Pascale affair, who participated in his TV programs as a very young girl, years before of the relationship with Silvio Berlusconi.

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Oscar Di Maio was a central face in the world of local TV in Campania between the 1990s and 2000s. With his character of the rude man he experienced a period of enormous popularity thanks to the daily strip TeleCafone, broadcast on the TeleCapri broadcaster. Di Maio spoke about himself in the first episode of the podcast Tozzabancone, born from the social group Telecapri Operazione Nostalgia.

In particular, Di Maio spoke about his artistic origins, which are not known to everyone. Descendant of a well-known family of Neapolitan actors on his mother's side, he spoke about the choice of his artistic pseudonym: “I took my mother's surname because it suited me theatrically, I'm Oscar Paolozzi at the registry office, but I needed the surname of my mother, because he was a school principal” . The choice of this name also created a misunderstanding in relation to the homonymy with his cousin, Oscarino Di Maio, also an actor and protagonist of many television gags with Di Maio.

The match announced on TV

TeleCafone's popularity at the time was enormous , so much so that his character even began to go berserk, literally: “I went to Telecapri to make an advert in which I announced the new program times. 'Listen to me, take a pen and paper' , I said, the commercial lasted a quarter of an hour. I gave the new times and said: '1pm 10pm and 30pm. Play them, this is a game for a rude person'. At night the owner of Telecapri calls me: 'What have you done?' Here Naples was overturned, did you win the game on television?'. The next day in the newspapers they wrote 'The peasant wins the lottery'. The only idiot who didn't play them was me.” And that's not all, says Di Maio:

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The miracle goes further, a week later my wife told me she had seen some of my posters with two numbers written underneath. He told me to show them on TV, at first I wasn't convinced but then I called Telecapri to do a news program and recommended the two numbers. Another both came out. The best joke of all was made by a taxi driver who met me on the street: “Now you just have to melt the blood!”.

From Gomorra to Mixed By Erry, Di Maio's roles

Over the years Di Maio, who has never stopped touring with his shows even after the end of the local TV epic, has also obtained various roles in some national productions. In particular he is remembered for his role as the corrupt mayor in Gomorrah (Genny Savastano goes to him to ask for signatures by destroying his office desk with a baseball bat), as well as in the films Mixed By Erry and I Bastardi di Pizzofalcone . Essentially evil roles, which he commented ironically: “It's torment, they always call me to do things I don't know how to do, one time I have to kill a person, another I have to rape a person.”

A passage on Francesca Pascale is inevitable, who had participated in his program when she was very young and who later became Silvio Berlusconi 's partner: Humanly, I was disappointed with her , because when she came to my house she wasn't even an adult, she was accompanied by her father and a friend. I was very attentive, the rehearsals and recordings started from my house, it was a family-run thing, she often ate at my house, we accompanied her home, I almost felt like her guardian” . Attention was concentrated on him when videos of excerpts from Telecafone began to re-emerge with videos of Pascale at a very young age, while she became the then prime minister's partner and there was an enormous age difference between them: “When the about Berlusconi she told me, I understood it because she confided a lot in Vincenzo Paudice. Francesca called me and asked me to be kind enough not to let this thing be known and I didn't say anything.” Then the thing exploded and Di Maio was reached by requests for interviews from all over Europe: “I was bombarded with calls”. The actor suggests that he was disappointed by the fact that Pascale probably didn't appreciate his statements.


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