Murder Andrea Gioacchini killed while accompanying his daughters to school: three arrested


Murder Andrea Gioacchini killed while accompanying his daughters to school: three arrested

Killed with four gunshots in front of the nursery after accompanying his daughters: three people have been arrested for the murder of Andrea Gioacchini. Among them Ugo Di Giovanni, known for his relations with the Sienese clan.

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Three men have been arrested for the murder of Andrea Gioacchini, known as Barbetta, who was killed in January 2019 while he was accompanying his daughters to school on charges of multiple aggravated homicide in competition and illegal carrying of firearms in competition. The measure was triggered by the District Anti-Mafia Directorate. A sixty-one-year-old shot in front of a kindergarten in Magliana. Instead, the ambush was commissioned by a thirty-six-year-old and the sixty-one-year-old Ugo Di Giovanni, son of Mimì, linked to the Senese clan, already in prison for previous crimes.

An episode that finds its place between those of the Roman underworld and the Camorra where drug dealing, debts, shootings and fights for territory never seem to have subsided. The investigations, started as soon as the gunshots were alerted, have never stopped in recent years. The investigators managed to reconstruct the fabric of subjugation and silence of the mafia action with which the murderers asserted their supremacy in the Rome neighborhood.

The shooting in January 2019

Gioacchini, a thirty-four-year-old convicted felon, was shot in the head before his partner's eyes in January 2019: the two had just accompanied their daughters to kindergarten and were getting back into the car when four shots were fired. Transported to San Camillo in very serious conditions, he died shortly afterwards.

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The investigations

To the violence and the mafia method, there is also a strong premeditation. The date to kill Gioacchini was chosen a few days after his release from prison , which occurred just on January 6th. The moped with which the murderer rode alongside Gioacchini's car was found specifically to commit the crime, as was the gun from which he shot. Numerous inspections anticipated the ambush.

To reconstruct what happened, the agents used traditional investigative tools, in addition to telephone interceptions and the reading of cryptophonic chats.


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