Ok from Parliament to the missions. Tajani: 'Aspides is defensive'


Ok from Parliament to the missions. Tajani: 'Aspides is defensive'

Green light from the Senate Chamber for the majority resolution on the three international missions: Levante on the Hamas-Israel conflict, Eunavfor Aspides for security in the Red Sea and Euam Ukraine. Voted separately, the premises received 95 yes, 2 abstentions and 58 no, while the commitments received 153 yes, 2 abstentions and no against. Ok also to those of Pd, M5s, Az, Iv. Only the resolution of Avs was rejected. The M5s resolution passed with 144 yes, 2 abstentions, 7 no, that of the Democratic Party with 123, yes, 3 abstentions and 24 no. The point of the dem resolution on the restoration of UNRWA funds for NGOs operating in Palestine and Israel was rejected.

Communications from the Foreign Minister, Antonio Tajani, in the Senate Chamber. First in the Chamber where the resolutions presented by the groups on the resolution of the council of ministers to authorize the missions were also voted on. Same thing in the Senate where the groups tabled the same 6 resolutions.

The Chamber also authorizes the mission to Ukraine . All parts of the 6 resolutions presented which provide for the sending of the mission to Ukraine were approved practically unanimously, with only one vote against. The Italian mission in the Red Sea known as 'Aspides' has been authorised: all parts of the motions presented which provided the green light for this mission were put to the vote and were approved with 271 yes and 6 no.

The Montecitorio Chamber also authorized the Italian mission known as 'Levante' which commits the Government to promoting diplomatic action aimed at encouraging the delivery of humanitarian material also through the creation of maritime corridors towards ports in the Gaza”. All parts of the motions presented which provided the green light for this mission were put to the vote and were approved unanimously.

The PD resolution also passes in the Chamber, first signed by Chiara Braga, group leader, which authorizes the three new international missions. Only one point of the document was rejected, which was voted on in separate parts, the one in which the government committed to restoring contributions to UNRWA.

The Government, with the Foreign Minister, Antonio Tajani, gives a substantial favorable opinion to almost all the resolutions presented at Montecitorio on the three new international missions that the Executive asks to authorize. The only exception is that of Alleanza Verde Sinistra, first signed by Luana Zanella, group leader in the Chamber. Tajani gives a favorable opinion only to the part of the text which authorizes the mission in Ukraine, while he says no to the other two parts of the document which says a conditional yes to the one which concerns the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and completely denies the authorization to that in the Red Sea. There are 6 resolutions in total: centre-right, Pd, M5S, IV, Action and Avs.

“Aspides will act with tasks of a defensive nature, i.e. the mission will not be able to undertake preventive actions. Non-executive tasks are foreseen”. This was stated by Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani speaking at Montecitorio. “Aspides – he added – is not directed against anyone, but in defense of a principle: the freedom and safety of navigation. Only by enforcing this principle is it possible to ensure security and well-being in the region”.

As part of the Levante mission, “the possibility of starting 'air drop' activities to deliver humanitarian material to the Gaza Strip is also being explored, as well as the activation of the multinational initiative “Maritime Aid to Gaza” aimed at providing opening of a maritime corridor for the transport of humanitarian aid”, said the Minister of Defense, Guido Crosetto, who expressed “satisfaction with the approval of the two new missions: in addition to Levante, Aspides in the Red Sea

To know more ANSA Agency What is the Aspides mission against Houthi attacks and what does it involve – Middle East – Ansa.it It will be defensive and does not involve land attacks (ANSA)

“Responses will be conducted in full compliance with international law, customary law and the right to self-defense in the event of an imminent or ongoing attack, on own or third-party ships, as provided for in Article 51 of the United Nations Charter. Aspides It will also act in full compliance with the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea.”

“The enforcement activities can only be carried out in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden, south of the latitude of Muscat. In any case, they must be necessary and proportionate responses and in any case always at sea or in the airspace. In no case can Aspides be involved in land operations”.

“On a political-diplomatic level, it is essential to reach a sustainable ceasefire in Gaza. And this also to ease regional tensions. Italy calls for a prolonged and lasting pause in hostilities, which leads to a sustainable ceasefire as also requested from Resolutions 2712 and 2720 of the UN Security Council”, states the Foreign Minister, speaking at Montecitorio. “The bread massacre requires us to intensify efforts to reach a ceasefire as soon as possible. We have asked Israel to rigorously ascertain the dynamics of the facts and the responsibilities”.

Chamber of Montecitorio semi-deserted during the examination of the resolution to authorize three international missions including the Aspides one in the Red Sea. At the government benches, the Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani and the Anna Maria Bernini University, while the PD deputy Lia Quartapelle underlines “the absence of the Defense Minister Guido Crosetto”.

What are the three missions up for vote in Parliament

This is the 'Levant' mission , aimed at “dealing with a potential escalation in the Israel-Hamas conflict, including humanitarian interventions in favor of the civilian population in the area”.

Then there is the 'Eunavfor Aspides' mission , which takes the form of “presence, surveillance and security initiatives in the area of the Red Sea, Persian Gulf and north-western Indian Ocean”. In particular, “the launch of EUNAVFOR ASPIDES – we read in the document – was decided during the meeting of the Foreign Affairs Council on 19 February, with the aim of restoring and safeguarding freedom of navigation in the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf , in line with the United Nations Security Council Resolution No. 2722(2024), approved on 10 January 2024, calling for the immediate cessation of the Houthi attacks and reaffirming the right of Member States, in accordance with the law internationally, to defend their vessels from attacks, including those which compromise the rights and freedoms of navigation”.

The third mission is called “Euam Ukraine” and is aimed at supporting Ukraine “in its commitment to the reform of the civil security sector and fits into the framework of Kiev's accession path to the EU, which requires the adoption and the implementation of relevant reforms, in particular in the areas of democracy, human rights, the market economy and the implementation of the EU acquis, with particular regard to strengthening the rule of law, through the reform of the judicial system and the fight against corruption”.

The text of the resolution then explains that “the maximum overall size of the contingents of the Armed Forces employed in the various operational theaters is 834 units, while the financial requirement is equal to 45 million 863 thousand 901 euros, of which 35,213,901 euros relating to the year 2024 and 10,650,000 euros for bonds due in 2025. To these are added 66,543 euros for the magistrate seconded to Ukraine as part of the EUAM Ukraine mission”.

With the resolution it is proposed to the Assembly to authorize Italy's participation in the three new missions for the period from 1 January to 31 December 2024.

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