Today is Super Tuesday 2024, what it is and why it is an important day for the US elections


Today is Super Tuesday 2024, what it is and why it is an important day for the US elections

US elections 2024

Super Tuesday is the most important day in the US primaries, with which the candidates for the Democratic and Republican parties who will compete in the presidential elections on November 5, 2024 will be chosen. Today 15 states are called to vote: here's everything there is it's worth knowing.

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US elections 2024

Super Tuesday has arrived, literally super Tuesday, the most important (and probably decisive) day in the US primaries. It is the day on which the largest number of states are called to vote for the primaries, also known as caucuses: therefore, probably after today the names of the candidates, the Republican and the Democratic ones, who will compete in the presidential elections on November 5th will be known . Important states such as California, Virginia and Texas are going to the vote today. For the Republican party, Nikki Haley – who has just won in Washington – will try to take away the advantage from Donald Trump, who is in fact very close to the nomination, while as far as the Democratic party is concerned, there are no twists on the horizon: the Outgoing president Joe Biden is in fact widely ahead of all the other candidates.

What is Super Tuesday and why is it important for elections

Super Tuesday is the day in which multiple states vote simultaneously for the primaries for both political parties. Some states have already expressed their opinions while others will do so in the coming months, but Super Tuesday indicates the day (which always falls on Tuesday) in which the largest number of Republican and Democratic voters are called to choose their representative in the elections presidential . In general, several states have been going to the polls together for the primaries since the end of the 1980s. A choice made to counter the so-called “Iowa syndrome”, whereby the small Midwestern state, being called to vote first among those in the south, had a “disproportionate” impact in determining subsequent results.

How many and which states vote in the US primaries on Super Tuesday

There are 15 states called to vote on Super Tuesday: Alabama, Arkansas, California, North Carolina, Colorado, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia. In all these states, voting takes place in both the Democratic and Republican primaries: in addition, American Samoa also votes for the former.

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What happens after Super Tuesday 2024 and who are the favored candidates

The race for the primaries does not end on March 5 . Several other dates are scheduled for spring: the Republican primaries will end on June 4, when South Dakota, Montana, New Jersey and New Mexico will vote, while the Republican primaries will have to wait until June 8 when it will be the turn of the island of Guam and the US Virgin Islands.

The two favorite candidates at the moment, those who will most likely compete in the presidential elections on November 5, 2024, are the outgoing president Joe Biden for the Democrats and former president Donald Trump for the Republicans. Challenging Trump for the Republicans is Nikki Haley, the former governor of South Carolina who has just achieved her first success in Washington, but still remains distant from Trump. Biden's main challengers, however, are Dean Phillips and Marianne Williamson: they too, however, are very far from posing a threat to the leadership of the outgoing president.


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