She dies at 29, 7 months pregnant, the baby born by caesarean also dies: tragedy in Naples


She dies at 29, 7 months pregnant, the baby born by caesarean also dies: tragedy in Naples


She died at the age of 29 with a 7-month-old baby in her womb. Even the little one doesn't make it and passes away shortly after, after being born with an emergency caesarean section performed by the hospital doctors. A heartbreaking story that shocked Naples. A tragedy that struck a family in the eastern area of the city, which occurred on February 22nd. Everything, according to what learns from qualified sources, began with an illness that occurred in the morning.

The pregnant woman felt ill and suffered convulsions. The 118 ambulance arrived immediately on site with the doctor on board. Realizing the seriousness of the situation, the healthcare staff urgently transports her to the emergency room, performing resuscitation maneuvers at the same time. Unfortunately, he died shortly afterwards at the Ospedale del Mare , which expressed condolences for what happened.

The rush to the hospital, but mother and baby can't make it

The police from the Poggioreale station arrived on site following a report from the hospital's Health Management. The bodies of the woman and the child were seized, upon order of the prosecutor's office, for autopsy examination. A drama that took place in a matter of minutes.

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At 8.33, as reconstructed in the ASL Napoli 1 report, the phone call to 118: the pregnant woman is having convulsions. In three minutes the intervention is assigned to the 118 station of San Giovanni Bosco. The ambulance arrives at the house at 8.45 with the doctor on board. The woman is in cardiac arrest. The first resuscitation maneuvers are carried out.

At 9.03 the departure from home for the desperate race to the emergency room of the Ospedale del Mare. The resuscitation maneuvers also continue on board the ambulance. Arriving at the emergency room at 9.10am, the woman went into cardiac arrest. New life-saving maneuvers are performed on her. She is taken on a stretcher to the operating room and here an urgent caesarean section is performed. But there's nothing left to do. She dies and shortly thereafter the fetus also dies.


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