Weather, bad weather returns with rain and snow over the weekend: the forecast


Weather, bad weather returns with rain and snow over the weekend: the forecast


The weekend that has just begun will see a weakening of the depression area that has hit Italy for days. Today, Saturday 2 March, we will consequently witness a partial improvement in the weather conditions: the clouds will still persist, albeit in a context of greater variability and clearing, but the precipitations will be few and mostly weak.

The respite from the “bad weather”, however, will be very short-lived because already tomorrow, Sunday 3 March, a new intense Atlantic disturbance will reach the North (starting from the north-western regions), Sardinia and the central Tyrrhenian regions, bringing heavy rainfall. On Monday 4th the accompanying cyclonic vortex will be positioned near Central Italy with rainfall that will affect a large part of the country.

The new arriving disturbance will be associated with a drop in temperature (it will finally snow up to a thousand meters along the Apennine ridge) and a significant strengthening of the winds.

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Cloudy skies and possible rain: the forecast for today March 2nd

Sun in Sardinia, Puglia and Basilicata. Prevalence of cloudy skies in the rest of Italy with isolated precipitation possible in the North (more likely in the north-western regions), internal areas of the Center and the lower Tyrrhenian sector. Afternoon temperatures mostly slightly increasing with values within normal or slightly higher.

Tomorrow's weather forecast: risk of thunderstorms and snow in the Alps

Rain since the morning in the North-West and Sardinia, extending in the afternoon to the central Tyrrhenian regions and the North-East and then in the evening in Campania and Sicily. Risk of thunderstorms or storms in Liguria, Sardinia, Tuscany and in the evening in Lazio. It will snow heavily in the western Alps above 1,100-1,200 metres, decreasing from the evening to around 700-800 metres. Sunny in Abruzzo, Molise, southern regions and Sicily. Temperatures decreasing in the North-West and in Sardinia, increasing in the middle Adriatic and the lower Tyrrhenian Sea.


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