Meloni: 'The judges decide on Salis'. Ilaria's father sues Salvini


Meloni: 'The judges decide on Salis'. Ilaria's father sues Salvini

Respect the “dignity” of Ilaria Salis, as well as guaranteeing “a rapid and fair trial”. But regarding the treatment and procedures followed, it will be necessary to respect the protocols in force in other sovereign states such as Hungary. Giorgia Meloni reveals Italy's official requests after the private conversation in Brussels with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who is thus partially relieved of direct responsibility for the case of the Milanese teacher detained in Budapest. “Even there – explains the Prime Minister – the autonomy of the judges applies and the governments do not participate in the trials”. As for chains, “it happens in several countries, including Western ones”, says Meloni. However, the long-distance controversies and skirmishes between Matteo Salvini continue – “if Salis were convicted I would no longer want her in class”, he says – and Ilaria's father, who has announced a complaint against the vice prime minister. All this despite the warnings of the head of the Farnesina: “It is a mistake to transform a judicial affair into a political affair”, underlines Antonio Tajani, who will give an urgent briefing to the Chamber on 8 February. Certainly the meeting between Meloni and Orban outlines the perimeter within which Italy is moving in examining the matter, maintaining the balance of relations between the two countries, without interrupting confidential contacts between diplomatic channels and assessments on strategies regulations.

“We are asking to verify the respect of Ilaria's rights. Neither I nor Orban can enter today into the judgment that the judiciary is responsible for. I can only hope that she is able to demonstrate her innocence in a speedy trial”, says the prime minister at the end of the EU summit, also commenting on those videos that portray the 39-year-old in court in chains: “they are certainly images that have an impact, but that's how it works in other sovereign states”, he adds. An opinion with different nuances also comes from the president of the Senate: “those chains are exaggerated as in America, but the real reason why we were worried is the exhibition and the lack of respect for his dignity”, says La Russa who will see tomorrow Salis' father. For his part, the Hungarian prime minister reiterates that he is only entitled to “provide the details of his treatment” in prison “and exercise influence so that he receives fair treatment”.

But the 39-year-old continues to reveal shadows about her situation and in a letter sent to the Italian ambassador in Budapest she reveals that after last Monday's hearing “I was questioned by the prison staff regarding my prison conditions and in the end I was made him sign a report of my words written in Hungarian”. In Italy, however, the controversy over the past of the Milanese teacher continues, who is currently accused of attacking two far-right militants in Budapest. The League raises the level of the conflict by alluding to a legal case which ended with a conviction for Ilaria, confirmed by the Supreme Court on 3 July, for moral complicity in resisting a public official. “As a parent I understand the anxiety and also some original statements of Salis' father – says Salvini also alluding to the fact that the man had referred to the nickname 'Joan of Arc' given to his daughter in prison – It is right that the government is committed with all his strength to protect the girl. In the event of a conviction for violence, in my opinion, the opportunity for her to enter the classroom to educate and raise children is nil.”

But Roberto Salis rejects the Northern League's accusations regarding his daughter's alleged assault on the Lega kiosk in Monza in 2017 and announces a lawsuit against Salvini for defamation. A “curious” choice, replies the League, which also teases the Democratic Party: “It is however surprising that the left only notices Italian prisoners abroad when it is the turn of some comrade”. Meanwhile, Italia Viva takes to the streets in defense of Ilaria, with a sit-in in Rome by its parliamentarians together with those of +Europa and a large banner displayed in front of the entrance to the Hungarian embassy.

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