Meloni relaunches, Pnrr resources for farmers increase to 8 billion


Meloni relaunches, Pnrr resources for farmers increase to 8 billion

The Pnrr funds for the agricultural sector have increased from five to eight billion. Giorgia Meloni announced it during her visit to the 3Sun gigafactory, the flagship of the photovoltaic industry based in Catania. An announcement, that of the prime minister, which comes on the eve of a new week of tension with tractor protests throughout the country and the threat of blocking the roads until marching towards the capital.

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The Prime Minister knows well that the sector is in turmoil, so much so that even at the European Council, with Brussels paralyzed by agricultural vehicles, she underlined “how the Union's agricultural policy needed to be changed”. And it is no coincidence that in the very same hours in which the Prime Minister was in the Belgian capital, Matteo Salvini expressed his closeness to the farmers' protests. A sort of derby, the one between Lega and Fdi, so as not to leave one of the most important fronts of the Italian economy uncovered.

And if Fratelli d'Italia announces an intervention on the agricultural Iperf, perhaps with an amendment to the milleproroghe decree being examined by the Chamber, Matteo Salvini's party takes pen and paper to reiterate that the League “will not leave farmers alone”.

From via Bellerio they let it be known that the party has various proposals in the pipeline “to help a penalized sector”, but above all they ask that “the other government forces also follow us on this path”. A stance that makes the allies grumble, no official controversy even if Andrea De Carlo, president of the Agriculture commission of Palazzo Madama and exponent of Fratelli d'Italia does not hesitate to define himself as “happy with the fact that finally other political realities are also becoming account of the problems that have been affecting the world of agriculture for years”, and that only “with the Meloni government and with Fratelli d'Italia at the Ministry of Agriculture has there been real attention to the sector”.

In addition to the funds for agriculture, the Prime Minister's visit to Sicily is an opportunity to announce the signing in the next few days of the cohesion agreement with the island “among the most relevant from a financial point of view”. “I don't want a South that lives on subsidies” but “a South in which there are the tools that allow the South to compete on equal terms. There is a gap and we must fill the gap to demonstrate how much the South is worth without discrimination that he has had in the past.”

The Prime Minister recalls the launch of the single SEZ, the Southern decree which offers the possibility of revoking the funds if they are not spent. But above all, the visit to the Enel plant, unique in the European panorama, is an opportunity to announce that 90 million of Pnrr funds will be allocated “to further development of the photovoltaic panel plant in Catania” and to the construction of a another hub to strengthen production. The objective underlines the prime minister “is to make Italy a European energy supply hub. It doesn't make much sense – she observes – that while we free ourselves from an energy dependence on Russia we hand ourselves over hand and foot to supply chains that we don't control. We must be able to produce technology that affects our strategic choices to be masters of our destiny.”

Finally, the prime minister takes as an example Sant'Agata, the patron saint of the city of Catania whose anniversary is celebrated to remember how “it is a very long story of love that binds the saint to the people of Catania. It is a story of faith and devotion that it talks about identity and tradition which are all things that I believe are worth defending particularly in this time”.

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