Meloni: 'It is dangerous to remove support from the police'. Mattarella's solidarity with the attacked officers


Meloni: 'It is dangerous to remove support from the police'. Mattarella's solidarity with the attacked officers

The President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella called the Chief of Police to be informed of what happened and to express solidarity with the officers of the patrol attacked in Turin. Mattarella also reiterated his trust and closeness towards the Police. Immediately afterwards the president spoke to Minister Piantedosi.

It is a “game that can become very dangerous” that of “removing the support of the institutions from those who risk their safety every day to guarantee ours “. Six days after the beatings of students marching in Pisa, and the warning from the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella about the “failure” that these represent for the police because “authority” is not measured by truncheons, Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni confirms the government's support for the Police and warns of the risks that could arise from a collapse of trust in those who guarantee security.

Words that arrive on the day in which two unrelated episodes are intertwined, but which it is instead the Minister of the Interior Matteo Piantedosi who somehow connects: the transfer of the manager of the Mobile Department of Florence Silvia Conti – on whom they depend administratively the departments that operated in Pisa – who will take up service in the anti-crime section of Pescara from Thursday and will retire in six months, and the assault on a police car in front of the police headquarters by the antagonists which took place yesterday afternoon in Turin.

“An unacceptable act of violence” which is, underlines the owner of the Interior Ministry , “symptomatic of the climate of poison and suspicion to which the police and the police in particular are subjected in recent days”. Both the prime minister and the minister – who will give her briefing in Parliament on Thursday 29 February on the events in Pisa – therefore openly side with the police, because we cannot talk about them “only when something doesn't work”. Reiterating, Piantedosi did it in recent days and Meloni does it today, that “if someone makes a mistake, clearly they must intervene and sanction”.

However, sources report several protests from police unions against Conti. Not linked, it is underlined, to public order services but to other aspects: it would not have adequately rotated the staff, it would organize services that were too stressful, there would then be complaints about the meal vouchers assigned to the officers. The transfer would therefore have been decided some time ago, also in light of numerous union reports. The version of “ordinary mobility” is supported by the general secretary of the Siulp of Florence Riccardo Ficozzi: “It has nothing to do – he observes – with the events in Pisa. As was already expected, the manager will take up service in Pescara, as well as others officials in recent days have been assigned to new offices”. Other voices, which come from personnel in uniform, indicate that there are those in the Department who would not have appreciated the manager's decision to send personnel from reinforcement of the Mobile Unit of Pisa, fresh from the procession of controversy. Meanwhile, the investigation by the Prosecutor's Office continues in the Tuscan city, at the moment without any hypothesis of crime and against unknown persons. The most plausible scenario could be the contestation of voluntary injuries and private violence. The magistrates have acquired the videos from social media and urban surveillance cameras and the first witnesses will be heard shortly. Among these, the school staff of the Russoli artistic high school, who shot dozens of videos of the procession. The positions of around twenty police officers from the mobile unit and police station are being examined. For now, none of them are formally under investigation. We want to understand roles and functions in the public order system.

To know more ANSA Agency Florence mobile department manager transferred – News – Florence mobile department manager Silvia Conti transferred. According to what we understand, the change at the top of the Mobile Department will take place starting tomorrow. (HANDLE)

The assault of the Antagonists on Turin

Attack in Turin on a State Police patrol that was taking a man of Moroccan origins to a repatriation center in Lombardy to be expelled from Italy. The attack was carried out right in front of the police headquarters in the Piedmontese capital by a group of autonomists and anarchists who surrounded the police car, tried to open the doors and then kicked and punched it. Other officers intervened and blocked the attackers, stopping four of them. A policeman was slightly injured in the riots.

With their blitz, the antagonists tried to free the foreigner, who had been stopped on the outskirts of Turin where he had daubed abusive writings on the walls of the Corso Grosseto underpass, and accused of damage. But even earlier today in Turin a group of antagonists, made up of about ten people, had raided the premises of the ASL medical centre, in via Farinelli, on the southern outskirts of the city. However, the protest was concentrated a few kilometers away, in front of the police headquarters, in the city centre. When the police car with the Moroccan on board left the courtyard, a large group of antagonists blocked it and hit it. Moments of great tension with the intervention of other officers who accompanied the man back to the police headquarters, stopped some demonstrators and sent the others away.

The antagonists' protest then moved to the nearby Piazza XVIII December, in front of the Porta Susa railway station, where some cars in transit were hit and damaged by the demonstrators. Then the autonomists and anarchists – about thirty in total – headed back towards the Police Headquarters, where they lit smoke bombs, unfurled a banner with the words “Fire on the prisons and the CPR” and shouted slogans against the police. From the regional councilor for Security, Fabrizio Ricca, comes “solidarity with the injured agent and the citizens of Turin who have remained hostage of anarchist militants who despise the laws and civil coexistence. Dialogue with the antagonistic social centers is a futile waste of time”, he adds Ricca, referring to the recent resolution of the Municipality of Turin for a co-planning project in the Turin social center Askatasuna.

“It is no coincidence that such a serious episode occurs precisely in the city where the mayor initiates the regularization of the antagonistic social centers . Unfortunately, in Turin a climate of impunity has been created which reinforces the strategies of tension and the arrogance of the antagonists”, they comment the councilor of the Piedmont Region Maurizio Marrone (FdI) and the deputy group leader of the party in the Chamber Augusta Montaruli. For the provincial Siulp union it was “subversive behavior, beyond any tolerable limit of justification”. For another police union, the SAP, “the consequences of the position taken by a part of the political class on the cases of Pisa and Florence, immediately placing blame on the State Police, translate today into the assault on the Police Headquarters by of anarchist groups”.

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