Melillo: 'The events in Perugia are very serious. Striano's actions are not individual, understanding the system of relationships'


Melillo: 'The events in Perugia are very serious. Striano's actions are not individual, understanding the system of relationships'

“I asked to be heard so that the facts and problems are understood and to remove the danger of misinformation, speculation and instrumental readings of events that concern delicate state functions. To say nothing of the points of disorganized controversy that seem aimed not at analyzing reality and to contribute to its understanding and to the advancement of the balance of the system but to damage the image of the office and to delegitimize the idea of neutral institutions such as the National Anti-Mafia Prosecutor's Office and perhaps also the Bank of Italy”. Thus the National Anti-Mafia Prosecutor Giovanni Melillo in the Anti-Mafia Commission.

“It may be interesting to note that in our database, far from being a black monster, we find a small number of SOSs (suspicious transaction reports) generated in the financial system and transmitted by the financial intelligence unit”. Thus the national anti-mafia prosecutor Giovanni Melillo in the parliamentary anti-mafia commission, heard regarding the Perugia investigation.

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“The gravity of the events underway is extreme. We must underline the extreme complexity of the correct and rigorous management of the databases where those and other no less delicate information converge for the purpose of repressing crimes” claims the national anti-mafia prosecutor Giovanni Melillo in the parliamentary anti-mafia commission , heard regarding the Perugia investigation.

“The awareness of the extreme seriousness of the risks that weigh on the image of transparency, correctness and reliability of all the institutions that manage confidential information, I believe, will be able to usefully contribute to evaluating the adequacy of the current technological legislative instruments and the public administration structures necessary to ensure the protection of official and investigative secrecy but also the protection of people involved from the possible abusive use of that information and of any other information assets, but also to protect the security of the Republic” specifies the National Anti-Mafia Prosecutor.

Striano's conduct “seems to me difficult to be compatible with the logic of individual deviation . I believe there are many elements that conflict with the idea of an action conceived and organized by a single hypothetically unfaithful officer. One of the central points of the Perugia prosecutor's office will be understand Striano's figure and system of relationships” explains Giovanni Melillo in the Anti-Mafia commission. It is “my personal assessment. But – he adds – I also have a fair amount of experience as a victim of authentic abusive dossiers such as those found in the parallel archives of the Sismi headquarters entrusted to Pio Pompa in 2006”.

What is the National Anti-Mafia and Anti-Terrorism Directorate

Schlein: 'The right should not exploit'

“I think it is very serious that there were 800 illegitimate accesses. We need to see clearly about this. We are among those who hoped for Melillo and Cantone to appear today to clarify things fully. On the other hand, however, this affair must not affect in any way the freedom of the press which is sacrosanct and we would not want it to be exploited by the right to attack in a generalized manner authorities who do a very important job, such as the National Anti-Mafia Directorate or to attack the press. It would not be the first time, we do not we accept it.” The secretary of the Democratic Party Elly Schlein said this in Chieti Scalo.

Cafiero de Raho, 'It is my right to be here in the Commission'

“It's my right as a parliamentarian to be there.” This was said by the vice-president of the Anti-Mafia Commission Federico Cafiero de Raho as he arrived at Palazzo San Macuto for the hearing in the Anti-Mafia Commission of the National Anti-Mafia Prosecutor Melillo. The vice president of the Commission, Mauro D'Attis, had asked, together with other colleagues, in recent days that de Raho abstain from attending Melillo's hearing because “at the time of the events he was at the national anti-mafia prosecutor's office”.

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