Middle East, Tajani and the Vatican: Israel is wrong, too many deaths


Middle East, Tajani and the Vatican: Israel is wrong, too many deaths
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The measure is also starting to be filled on this side of the Atlantic. With the White House continuing to hammer home almost every day that Israel's war against Hamas is causing “too many deaths” among Palestinian civilians, a certain irritation is also emerging in Europe, including Italy, up to the real warning of Vatican to “stop”.

Tones that sparked the immediate reaction of the Jewish state's ambassador to Rome: “It's the moment when you see true friends”, he warned. “Israel is wrong, it is causing too many civilian victims”, declared Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani, who for weeks has been denouncing the “too high price” paid by the Palestinian population “which has nothing to do with Hamas”. “At this point” (i.e. after 4 months of conflict, an unverified toll of 28 thousand deaths and the threat of a ground operation in Rafah, ed.), “Israel's reaction is disproportionate”, insisted the vice prime minister, sharing the American position: “Position that we all have”, he underlined. “It being understood that Israel was the victim of carnage, things from the new SS, from the new Gestapo and even worse”, began Tajani, reiterating the solidarity of the Italian government for the massacre of 7 October and rejecting the accusations of genocide also bounced from Sanremo stage. “But the US, like us, asks not to cause so many victims among the Palestinian population.”

“I believe that we are all outraged by what is happening, by this carnage”, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Vatican Secretary of State, also declared in the evening, underlining that those who ask Israel to stop are now “a general voice”, widespread . “We cannot continue like this, we must find other ways to resolve the problem of Gaza, the problem of Palestine”, he added, confirming at the same time the “clear and unreserved” condemnation of the Holy See “of what happened on 7 October” and “every kind of anti-Semitism”. But, the cardinal insisted, “the right to defend Israel which was invoked to justify this operation” must be “proportionate. And certainly with 30 thousand deaths it is not”. The back-and-forth took place in the same hours as the 95th anniversary of the Lateran Pacts with Parolin, Tajani and Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni were celebrated at Palazzo Borromeo, and the 75th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Italy and Israel in another Roman residence. With Ambassador Alon Bar who evidently did not like it and replied from a distance: “We are certainly not saints. We have made, and unfortunately we will probably make, some mistakes too. But this is also a moment of testing for our friends, gods Friendly countries”, he attacked.

“It's time we see who is next to us. Who is truly committed to Israel's security and doesn't just use this slogan on days of calm, just to relieve themselves of the obligation.” In particular, the ambassador responded to Tajani's words by reminding him that “he was in Israel, met Netanyahu” and was provided with “all the details on Israel's efforts to avoid civilian casualties”. Taking up the position of the Israeli prime minister, Bar then explained that the Palestinian population in reality “is a victim of Hamas”, which uses it “as a human shield” to protect itself and launch attacks on IDF soldiers. Present at the celebrations for Italy-Israel relations, it was Ignazio La Russa who assured that “in difficult moments our closeness is even more felt”. “We will oppose any attempt at isolation”, guaranteed the president of the Senate.

“Friendship with Israel is sacred, without ifs or buts, especially in difficult times”, echoed Matteo Salvini. “Reading that some pseudo intellectual speaks of the October 7 massacre as a reaction to Israel's conduct, of genocide, means that we are not in a democracy. Israel is a democracy, it is the outpost of coexistence”, concluded the Northern League leader , certain that “the vast majority of the Italian people are with Israel”.

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