Mara Venier forced to read the pro-Israel statement live, Rai is humiliating itself


Mara Venier forced to read the pro-Israel statement live, Rai is humiliating itself


What happened on Domenica In in the Sanremo episode of February 11th is among the saddest and most embarrassing television moments recorded in recent history. The meme universe is full of unedifying scenes broadcast by the Italian public service, excerpts and fragments which over the years have given shape to that prejudice, often stressed and ridden, towards Rai. Here, however, we are beyond.

It's a moment like yesterday afternoon that leaves us completely stunned, disconcerted, tracing before our eyes those imperceptible limits that should never be exceeded. It is moments like the one in which Mara Venier holds a folder with the words Domenica In on it and reads the pro-Israel statement from CEO Roberto Sergio that defines an unbridgeable distance between Rai and the new generations, which include both those already old ones who have lost contact with the small screen a long time ago than those who will never get close to it.

A statement, that of Sergio, hallucinating above all for the times and ways that give life to the masterpiece of making inappropriate a content that is legitimate in itself, but completely specious in that circumstance, imposed as a force and therefore violent. The CEO of Rai who shows solidarity with the people of Israel and the Jewish Community as if having to defend the company's honor from inappropriate gestures, actions and words that did not exist. And it does so by intervening from above, like a Big Brother who observes everything, putting Mara Venier in the position not only of having to read, but also of having to share the content of the message with the entire Rai expressing its agreement.

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The theme is urgent and was the background of the entire week in Sanremo, where the words Gaza and Palestine were in fact unpronounceable , as evidenced by the releases of artists such as Ghali, Dargen D'Amico and Ramazzotti , who despite exposing themselves on stage with phrases such as “stop the genocide” and calls for a ceasefire, they never made clear reference to what is happening in the Middle East. And yet, despite calm and polite appeals, as Roberto Saviano specified in this editorial, a response came from Rai which, rather than addressed to Ghali, Dargen and the artists on stage, seemed stimulated solely by the reprimand from the Israeli ambassador in Rome who had harshly criticized Sanremo, accusing the demonstration of spreading hatred and propaganda.

Above all, it is disappointing that Mara Venier herself was involved in this affair, a presenter who in recent years has represented, from a television point of view, a generational bond between older and older people, introducing well-known faces from the digital age to the traditional television audience. and bringing younger people closer to tradition thanks to a style that, like it or not, works. What happened on Sunday 11 February, which will be remembered for a long time, is not just a demonstration of subservience to a specific message, of the Rai management directed by politics which intervenes in the broadcast when things do not go as they should, giving a kick to any form of television liturgy and freedom of expression.

What happened is a humiliation that Rai inflicts on itself , destroying a complex job of rebuilding its credibility and of getting closer to that audience that has fled from television and the one that would never have gotten closer to us and, perhaps, will never get closer to us. .



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