Madonna di Trevignano: audio reveals the sale of religious objects, but there is no trace in the financial statements


Madonna di Trevignano: audio reveals the sale of religious objects, but there is no trace in the financial statements

Madonna di Trevignano, news on Gisella Cardia

It is the Cardia couple themselves who confirm, in an audio revealed by Storie Italiane, that religious objects were sold in the field of rosaries and apparitions in Trevignano Romano. However, there is no trace of this money in the balance sheets.

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Madonna di Trevignano, news on Gisella Cardia

What happened to the money from voluntary donations and the sale of objects and books related to the Madonna of Trevignano, which were displayed in the rosary field until the end of 2022? Is there any business behind apocalyptic prophecies? Journalist Roberta Spinelli of the Storie Italiane program hosted by Eleonora Daniele on Rai 1 tried to answer this question that many are asking about the story that has been affecting Trevignano Romano and the self-styled visionary Maria Giuseppa Scarpulla, better known as Gisella, for years. Cardia. had already spoken of the fact that in the field of rosaries where the faithful gather every third of the month and where the Madonna, according to the visionary, would appear to deliver messages to her, the association headed by Gisella's husband, Gianni, there were some stalls selling “gadgets”. Statuettes, holy cards, rosaries , with prices ranging from 10 to 60 euros depending on the type of item, but it is not clear what happened to the proceeds from the sales. Since the end of 2022, however, the stalls with religious objects have “disappeared”.

“In the meantime they are making sales”

The Cardia couple themselves confirmed that there was a sale in the field of apparitions, in an audio revealed by Storie Italiane . “Seeing as there were only a few of us today, I said, it's useless for us to open the gazebo to make sales. They don't listen to me, you know? Everyone does as they like here”, says Gianni nervously. Scarpulla tries to calm her husband and replies: “But what do you care? Are they doing it? You shouldn't care. Meanwhile they're making sales.” But Gianni doesn't agree: “It's better if I go, otherwise today will end badly” . And then again: “They didn't do me a favor by opening the gazebo to let me make the sale.” So there was the sale of religious objects.

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Madonna di Trevignano, what doesn't add up in the balance sheets and why a turnover is suspected

What happened to the money from the sales of religious objects and donations?

But something doesn't add up from the 2021 and 2022 budgets: “There is no trace of sales that are reported from purchases of objects that took place in the field or online. This money escapes from the budgets and we don't know how much it amounts to or how it was invested” . The same goes for the money from voluntary donations which over the years, as stated by the Cardia couple themselves, should have been “destined to charity”. Associations to which the Cardia spouses boasted of having allocated the donation money to support their projects have denied them. The investigations by the Carabinieri are underway, as is the investigation by the diocesan commission regarding which there is currently no news.

Tomorrow 3 February the apparition in Trevignano Romano

Saturday 3 February marks the monthly appointment on the hill of Trevignano Romano with a panoramic view of Lake Bracciano, where Maria Giuseppa Scarpulla and her husband Gianni Cardia will go to recite the rosary. Now the question arises spontaneously about the numbers of their following, which is losing more and more consensus over time, month after month, meeting after meeting. In January there were a few dozen faithful waiting for them for the monthly appointment of the rosary.


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