The University of Padua awards the honorary degree to Giulia Cecchettin


The University of Padua awards the honorary degree to Giulia Cecchettin

Giulia Cecchettin , the 22-year-old from Vigonovo who was stabbed to death last November 11th by her ex-boyfriend, obtained today a honorary degree in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Padua. When the murder occurred, the young woman had already completed her thesis and was close to her degree discussion.


The girl's family members – her father Gino, her sister Elena and her brother Davide – took part in the ceremony in the main hall of the Bo, together with the Minister of University and Research Anna Maria Bernini, the rector Daniela Mapelli, the director of the Department of Information Engineering Gaudenzio Meneghesso and the supervisor of Giulia's degree thesis, Silvia Todros. Her sister Elena and her closest friend, Giulia Zecchin, wanted to remember Giulia's figure.

“You have caused a tear in our consciences, in mine first. You will always be in the hearts of those who loved and knew you, and you will always be in our hearts”, said Gino Cecchettin, speaking at the ceremony.

“Given art 26 of student careers on the conferment of honorary degree titles, given the resolution of the academic senate of 12 December 2023, we confer on Giulia Cecchettin, born in Padua on 5 May 2001, a degree in biomedical engineering, and with this we issue the diploma. Congratulations Giulia”. With these words, the rector of Padua Daniela Mapelli conferred the degree in memory of Giulia Cecchettin, the young woman killed last November 11th. A long round of applause, with the entire audience in the Bo auditorium and the Academic Senate standing, accompanied the delivery of the diploma and a laurel wreath to Giulia's family. Elena Cecchettin, present with her father, Gino and her brother, Davide, was unable to hold back her emotion as she was handed the diploma attributed to her sister.

“This is the day of emotions”: this was said by the Minister of University and Research, Anna Maria Bernini, participating in the graduation ceremony in memory of Giulia Cecchettin. For the minister it is “a necessary act”, since those of femicide are issues “that do not have a political color but unite us all”. “Each of us must do something – he added -. There is no such thing as indifference, because it is an insult to Giulia”. Bernini concluded by underlining that “listening is the first form of communication: understanding that a no must be respected. Femicide is not a women's issue”.

“I am here today to pay homage to Giulia and her entire course of study. Celebrating Giulia and her degree is also a way to celebrate her life, that of a young woman determined to build her own future. The importance of education in relationships and respect for life will be increasingly present in the school experience of every student”: thus the undersecretary for Education and Merit, Paola Frassinetti after having participated in the proclamation ceremony for the Memorial Degree at the University of Padua in Biomedical Engineering to Giulia Cecchettin.

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