Lotito furious, Sarri in press silence: “Di Bello? I don't know who he is… but he has exceeded all limits"


Lotito furious, Sarri in press silence: “Di Bello? I don't know who he is… but he has exceeded all limits"

Maurizio Sarri remained silent after Lazio-Milan, closing in a polemical press silence. President Claudio Lotito appears at the post-match microphones: “I'll speak so they can't exploit the words.” Who are fiery towards Di Bello and the “football system”.

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A Lazio enraged by the defeat at the Olimpico against Milan and which has a trail of fierce controversies. To such an extent that Maurizio Sarri decides not to speak in the post-match conference, closing himself in a very loud silence. In his place, patron Claudio Lotito appears at the microphones and takes matters further and counterattacks the referee system: “We will make sure we are respected in all the appropriate places, Di Bello exceeded every limit this evening”.

Three expulsions, match management that was not liked in key moments, a Lazio damaged and conditioned by refereeing considered to be terrible to say the least. And it is of little use that the VAR itself came to the aid of the Capitoline team, for example on the occasion of Leao's first goal, which was stopped for a millimetric offside seen only through the frames of the slow motion and impossible to decipher with the naked eye.

For Maurizio Sarri, the anger is too much to present himself to the microphones and express his opinion by replying to Pioli's statements, which would lead the Lazio coach to expressions that are evidently inappropriate enough to keep to himself. So the president, Claudio Lotito, appears on TV and adds to the controversy in no uncertain terms: “What happened on the pitch was seen by everyone” said the Lazio boss. “I have no intention of suing anyone, but of asserting one's rights like every citizen when they see them violated. We need a third party to evaluate: today all limits have been exceeded.”

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The main criticisms, obviously, are all for the referee Di Bello: ” There are no conditions to find a meeting point and I don't talk to the referees. Di Bello? I don't know who he is but I saw how I refereed and it's the time has come for the League to have a third party outside the system to evaluate certain situations. There is a limit beyond which we must not go and that is why I am here to speak: to avoid words being exploited “.

In the end, the thought becomes an invective against the “football system” which Lotito no longer likes, not at all: “When these situations occur it is evident that there is something that isn't working just as it is evident that whoever is in charge does not guarantee the sportsmanship of the system. There is no reliability in terms of results of sporting merit ” concludes the Lazio number one. “We will propose a problem to the appropriate bodies. What are they? We'll see which ones, the system is the football system and no longer guarantees the values of the sport”


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