Lang Lang's hologram plays in Barcelona thanks to 5G


Lang Lang's hologram plays in Barcelona thanks to 5G

At the Mobile World Congress underway in Barcelona, Ericsson and the Spanish operator Telefónica reproduced a concrete case of use of the 5G network. All thanks to Lang Lang, the popular pianist who performed at the Gran Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona. On one side the artist in flesh and blood, on the other his holographic reproduction, which moved in sync with real movements. The target? Showcasing not only the speed but also the stability of a private 5G network on Ericsson infrastructure and Telefónica bandwidth spectrum.

Technology allowed Lang Lang to share not only his music, but also his emotions: sensors attached to his jacket and illuminated LED lights transmitted his heartbeat to the beat of the music, with the musician even involving his audience, asking them to form chords on their cell phones and truly immerse themselves in the performance. To reproduce Lang Lang's hologram, various cameras filmed every detail of his performance, transmitting the images in 4k format, at very high quality; the movements of the pianist's fingers on the holographic piano were interpreted and transmitted via mobile network using an audio protocol, and decoded on the real piano, activating automatic playback of the musical piece, even on the digitally reproduced instrument. An experiment which, according to a note from Ericsson, opens up the use of 5G for better multimedia enjoyment, even during concerts and live events, with thousands of simultaneous connections.

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