Italy in the grip of bad weather at least until the weekend


Italy in the grip of bad weather at least until the weekend

More bad weather with ongoing flood situations. A disastrous weather report in the leap year, on the extra day: February 29th with bad weather still the protagonist. Andrea Garbinato, editorial manager of the website, confirms that a cyclone will bounce in the heart of the Central Mediterranean and will not be able to move away from Italy: the vortex will be blocked to the east by the Russian Anticyclone, expanding towards the Balkans, and to the west by the Azores Anticyclone extending to Portugal. A blockage situation that will cause the deepening of a cyclone towards Tunisia: bad weather is expected in the next few hours across much of the Centre-South and marginally in Emilia Romagna.

North of the Po river we will instead experience a drier respite, with the heaviest rainfall expected from the Marche to Calabria, especially on the eastern side of the nation. From 'Calendimarzo', the first day of March, we will experience a new and heavy phase of disruption, first in the northern regions and then everywhere.

A lively cyclonic area will dominate Italy, bringing rain and heavy snowfall again throughout the Centre-North: only in the South will there be timid clearings. The weekend will be eventful from a weather point of view: Saturday will reserve a few more dry moments, while Sunday 3 March will most likely be a date to mark on the calendar as 'terrible'. In fact, on Sunday, up to 2 meters of fresh snow is possible in the Piedmont Alps with an impetuous Scirocco wind capable of bringing another load of sand from the desert: we could therefore have pink snow in the Alps due to the silt arriving from North Africa. Obviously this is a trend to be confirmed, but this umpteenth cyclone on March 3 could cause a lot of talk. A very dangerous Sunday 3rd March also for Sardinia and the Tyrrhenian side, but be careful: we must not be distracted by an exceptional trend, in the meantime it is worth monitoring the next 48 hours which will see heavy rain showers from Portopalo di Capo Passero to Vipiteno! In other words, all of Italy will be in the grip of disastrous cyclonic and leap days, at least until the weekend.


Friday 1 . In the north: widespread rain; snow at medium-high altitudes. In the center: gradually raining everywhere. In the south: rain or thunderstorms arriving in Sicily and Campania.
Saturday 2 . In the north: scattered rain with some dry moments in the plains, more unstable in the mountains. In the center: showers and sunny spells. In the south: showers in the Tyrrhenian areas. Trend: new intense cyclone arriving from France on Sunday with severe bad weather in the North and then descending towards the Centre-South

Trend: new intense cyclone arriving on Sunday from France with severe bad weather in the North and then descending towards the Centre-South.

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