Listen to Romy and Sampha team up to cover André 3000’s ‘Me & My (To Bury Your Parents)’

Aprilia Rine

Listen to Romy and Sampha team up to cover André 3000’s ‘Me & My (To Bury Your Parents)’

Romy and Sampha have teamed up for a collaborative cover of André 3000‘s ‘Me & My (To Bury Your Parents)’ – listen below.

The pair recorded a rendition of the former OutKast member and soloist’s song for the most recent edition of Sampha’s Apple Music 1 show ‘Wave Therapy’.

Sampha spoke to Romy of The xx during a studio session when the latter was recording her debut solo album ‘Mid Air’, which was released last September. The two friends opened up about grief and the loss of their parents, as well as sharing the meanings behind particular songs.


Additionally, they joined forces for a cover of André 3000’s ‘Me & My (To Bury Your Parents)’.

In a statement, Sampha said: “That song really hit me deep as I’d already made my own song ‘No One Knows Me (Like The Piano)’ which was about my mother and there was times where I questioned releasing and writing a song that was so personal to me.

“And hearing one of my favourite musicians meditate on his loss of losing his parents made me feel OK to express myself in this way.”

He added: “Not necessarily everybody has to do but that’s how I felt like processing some of my grief and, I feel like Romy has been in a similar place so it was a special song to cover together.”

In a four-star review of Sampha’s Mercury-winning debut album, 2017’s ‘Process’, NME described ‘No One Knows Me (Like the Piano)’ as the “saddest” track on the record. It added: “[It is] a stripped-back eulogy to his mother, played on a piano as beaten up and full of feeling as any Tom Waits ever sat down at.”


Elsewhere on Sampha’s radio show, Romy – whose mother passed away when she was 11 – told the singer-songwriter/producer that she “really admire[d]” how “brave” he’d been when speaking about his grief previously.

“[…] It really inspired me to be a bit more vocal about it,” she said. You can listen to the latest episode of ‘Wave Therapy’ on Apple Music 1 here.

During an interview with NME at the BRIT Awards 2024 last weekend, Romy talked about being back in the studio with The xx, and revealed if she had any plans for more solo material.

“[The xx have] been in the studio since I last spoke to NME and we’re in the studio again next week, so we’re meeting up regularly,” she explained. “It’s been really good. I think we’ve all spent time apart and it’s healthy to miss each other.”

Romy added: “We’re just keeping it really open and we’re up for trying new things, but it sounds like us. That’s all I can say right now.

“We’ve learned a lot from our different solo projects and it’s cool to learn from each other again. We grew up together and we had a lot of experiences, but to then have time apart and learn new skills, get new musical ideas and experiences and compare them… it’s been a healthy break.”

The xx’s third and most recent studio album, ‘I See You’, was released in 2017.


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