Matheus Nunes' impressive hand injury: his finger is broken in half


Matheus Nunes' impressive hand injury: his finger is broken in half


Manchester City is in the Champions League quarter-finals but it was a terrible evening for Matheus Nunes . The Portuguese was the protagonist of a very bad injury to his left hand , horror images that went around the web as strong and impressive as they were.

The finger problem is terrifying : it all happened during the second half of the match against Copenhagen, about 15 minutes after the referee's final whistle. After slipping and falling on his own hand , the midfielder collapsed to the ground visibly in pain , but apparently had no problems with either leg. When the camera framed him more closely, the terrible reason for his pain was revealed.

Matheus Nunes' finger was dislocated, split practically in half and in an unnatural position that gives shivers to all those who have the courage to look back at those frames. Manchester City's medical staff immediately rushed to the pitch to help him, bandaging his hand in such a way as to protect the now broken part.

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But the pain was so excruciating that the player was unable to continue the match and was forced to make a forced substitution. Timely medical treatment and bandaging were not enough to allow him to remain on the pitch for the few minutes that remained: the severity of the dislocation brought him back to the bench and now the fans of the English club are only hoping for a lenient medical report, even if judging from the images the situation seems quite serious.


The photo of the finger injury immediately went around the web, shocking all fans of this horror injury. “No player deserves such an injury” , wrote users horrified by what happened, certainly an uncommon scene.


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