Migraines affect women three times more than men


Migraines affect women three times more than men

Migraine is the third most frequent and second most disabling disease of mankind. 14% of the world's population suffers from it and it clearly favors the female sex, affecting women 3 times more than men, taking the form of a condition that faithfully follows the trend of fluctuations in female sexual hormones.

Despite the evident female characterization, there are still many critical issues that emerge in the management and care of patients with this disease, in particular the lack of a multi- and interdisciplinary approach, of medical references at a local level, as well as of diagnostic pathways. homogeneous therapeutic-assistance.

These are the first results deriving from a working group composed of Fondazione Onda and Anircef – Italian neurological association for headache research, aimed at developing a new model for the management of migraine patients that takes into account the peculiarities of the different female life cycles and some specific aspects relating to the female gender. The objective is to guarantee more timely, appropriate and effective multidisciplinary management through the synergistic collaboration of all the specialists involved in the treatment process. The preliminary results of the working group were presented today during the event “Women's migraine path: organization of integrated care”, which was held in Rome at the Chamber of Deputies. “The project – declared Francesca Merzagora, President of the Onda Foundation – represents another important step in our commitment to protecting health, particularly that of women. We hope that the experience of this working group can lead to the development of a model bio-psycho-social management of women with migraine, taking into account all the specificities of the female life stages, starting from pre-adolescence and then arriving at menopause”.
The conference was organized with the non-conditional contribution of Teva and the patronage of Al.Ce. Group Italia – Cirna Foundation Onlus and Aic onlus, Italian Association for the Fight against Headaches.

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