The voices of children and adolescents on gender prejudice VIDEO


The voices of children and adolescents on gender prejudice VIDEO

Preconceptions about the gender gap are still persistent in the new generations: this is indicated by the voices of children and adolescents interviewed about the stereotypes that shape the perspectives of men and women since childhood, imposing predefined behavioral patterns.

The video, entitled 'Gender differences at the roots of social roles', was created by CnrWebTv on the occasion of 8 March. It was carried out as part of research on Social Changes, Evaluation and Methods. conducted by the Institute for research on population and social policies of the National Research Council (Cnr-Irpps), coordinated by Antonio Tintori, creator of the video and narrator.

In the 2021 'Report on the State of Children', the data collected on a sample of 410 girls and boys from primary schools in the Municipalities VI and VIII of Rome, showed a medium-high adherence to the stereotypical male role (58, 6%) is female (52.9%) and the 2022 'Report on the State of Adolescence', through a study conducted at national level, involving 4288 students of public secondary schools, confirmed these trends' revealing, however, only the weakening of sexist ideas as age increases, i.e. the presence in adolescence of medium-high levels of adherence to the stereotypical male (28.3%) and female (30.8%) role, lower than those registered in primary school, with a significant male prevalence.

“We talk about them all the time and every day there are those who suffer their effects”, states (exhorts) Antonio Tintori. “Gender stereotypes are a 'social virus' that we contract in the very first years of life, they impose patterns of behavior and life choices on us. Let us not let gender preconceptions take root in the bud, let us learn to recognize them in time, let us learn not to educate inequality.”

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