The weekend's exhibitions, from Isgrò to Paladino


The weekend's exhibitions, from Isgrò to Paladino

From Mimmo Paladino to Emilio Isgrò, up to the Macchiaioli: these are some of this week's exhibitions. BOLOGNA – The exhibition set up at Palazzo Boncompagni from 1 February to 7 April to celebrate 50 years of Arte Fiera is entitled “Mimmo Paladino in the Pope's Palace”. Curated by Silvia Evangelisti, the exhibition offers the opportunity to observe the dialogue between the sixteenth-century spaces and around twenty important works, paintings and large-scale sculptures significant to the artist's poetics, documenting his research over the last twenty years. years.
From 2 to 10 February the Department of Legal Sciences of the University of Bologna hosts Emilio Isgrò's exhibition “Cancellation of Codes – Civil and Criminal” at Palazzo Malvezzi, curated by Cristina Mazzantini, Lorenzo Balbi, Marco Bazzini. The project collects 29 legal texts, in particular the Civil Code and the Criminal Code, on which Isgrò intervened with his expressive style, or by deleting parts of the text, with the aim of proposing a different reflection on the meaning of common coexistence.
“Tempi Nuovi”, a site specific project by Stefano Non and curated by Claudio Musso, is scheduled from 2 February to 11 May at Cubo, the Unipol Group's business museum. Divided into two exhibitions, the project brings together a nucleus of 17 works in which, between plastic installations and video works, the artist investigates themes such as gamification, the posthuman, transcoding.
MILAN – From 30 January to 22 March Viasaterna hosts the first exhibition dedicated entirely to Marion Baruch: along the way a selection of textile works, many of which have never been exhibited before, in which the artist interprets fabric as the first writing of humanity, but also as a witness to the evolution of production systems and social dynamics.
At the Civic Aquarium, from 31 January to 3 March, Andrea Manzitti with “A Milano c'è il mare”, curated by Elisabetta Longari.
On display are 36 works including Portolani and Planisferi, which represent an imaginary geographical mapping reinterpreting nautical charts of the past, but also a journey into the perception of the world and one's own mental horizons through art.
ROME – Over 60 paintings, almost all unpublished, large in size and recently produced make up “Pandemonio”, the traveling exhibition by Sergio Padovani, curated by Cesare Biasini Selvaggi with Francesca Baboni and Stefano Taddei and set up from 30 January to 9 March at the Museums of San Salvatore in Lauro. The exhibition itinerary will be completed by the video Pandemonio, created by the artist with autograph music (Macchina Anatomica) and the help of artificial intelligence.
At Gagosian Rome from 2 February to 30 March “Azzurro” by Simon Hantaï (1922-2008). Curated by Anne Baldassari, the exhibition delves into Hantaï's connection with Italy and the impact of the Italian pictorial tradition on his work, highlighting the recurrence of blue tones in the artist's practice. TURIN – At the Mastio della Cittadella from 3 February to 1 April “The Macchiaioli and plein air painting between France and Italy”: the project recounts the birth and evolution of Macchiaioli painting in its most diverse aspects, investigating the protagonists and the evolution of this important movement.
BARD – At Forte di Bard from 3 February to 2 June “Wildlife Photographer of the Year”, the most important award dedicated to nature photography promoted by the Natural History Museum in London and now in its 59th edition. The shots awarded in the 17 categories are presented in an evocative display in the Gunboats within light panels. French marine biologist and photographer Laurent Ballesta won the title of nature photographer of the year.

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