Meloni's announcement: 'Chico Forti will be transferred to Italy'. The Prime Minister to Biden: 'We support US mediation in the Middle East'


Meloni's announcement: 'Chico Forti will be transferred to Italy'. The Prime Minister to Biden: 'We support US mediation in the Middle East'

A global alliance against human traffickers. It is the proposal that Giorgia Meloni brought to Joe Biden , in the bilateral meeting at the White House preceded a few minutes by the announcement of the agreement on the transfer to Italy of Chico Forti, convicted in 2000 in Miami for a murder of which he claims to be innocent .

A conversation with friendly tones, with the American president welcoming the guest into the Oval Office singing “Georgia on my mind” by Ray Charles, at the beginning of a meeting in which the two leaders reiterated their support for Kiev, their commitment to avoid an escalation in the Middle East and to defend the right of navigation in the Red Sea, threatened by Houthi attacks . Topics of high geopolitics in a double mission, between Washington and Toronto, which Meloni needs to share with his partners the priorities of the G7 under the Italian presidency, which also has the migration issue at its centre, in addition to artificial intelligence.

A trip in which, as is now customary, the prime minister brings her daughter Ginevra with her. But above all the waste of a week troubled by the controversy over the demonstrations and the tensions – according to journalistic reconstructions – with the Quirinale after the Pisa affair . A scenario which, according to some political commentators, explains the choice to avoid a press point (the delegation left immediately for Canada, one there after the meeting with Justin Trudeau cannot be ruled out) , which would have been largely normal on the sidelines of an important appointment like the one at the White House.

And which was awaited by journalists after what in recent days had seemed like a sort of back-and-forth with the head of state. It is difficult not to understand how Colle chose to have the ash deposited so as not to fuel a small flame that could become a fire between the two buildings. And, in the same vein, the prime minister would also have placed herself. “Giorgia, I'm happy that you're back in the United States, we are great friends”, begins the American president, before listening to Meloni who explains the priorities of the G7. At the top is Africa, to be “supported” also to “put an end to illegal migration and human trafficking: it has become the most profitable criminal financial activity globally and we cannot accept it”. The immigration chapter – albeit with different dynamics – is crucial for both on the internal side.

In the USA there is an open front between Biden and Donald Trump , the most likely front runners in the race for the White House. And it is no coincidence that both are returning from an almost mirror-image visit to the border with Mexico. For the prime minister, the management of migratory flows is one of the main objectives of the Mattei Plan, and it is not excluded that Italy will ask the United States for assistance on the many open tables in Africa. The White House confirms that there is a shared aim of exploring opportunities for collaboration in areas of common interest on the African continent. In the perspective of the Mattei Plan, a mission to Egypt by President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, who in the last few hours received a phone call from Biden, should enter the Prime Minister's agenda for the next few weeks. The American president in turn makes an announcement: “The USA will participate in a major aid operation in Gaza which will begin in the next few days”. A sentence in which he initially slips, confusing Ukraine and Gaza. The Middle East crisis occupies much of the conversation, in the aftermath of the killing of dozens of Palestinians during an aid delivery in the north of the Strip.

Meloni confirms his concern, “we must coordinate actions to avoid an escalation, and we fully support the mediation effort of the United States”, he assures his ally, underlining that Rome has concentrated its efforts on the humanitarian crisis. Diplomatic ones, he adds, must “guarantee concrete steps to promote the perspective of two peoples and two States, which is the only sustainable long-term solution”. There is also alignment on the Red Sea, a theater of tensions in which the “European Aspides mission” represents “an important response” to the Houthis, underlines Meloni. And also about Ukraine. Biden thanks the prime minister for her “unwavering support” for Kiev. Italy has also supported the sanctions against Russia, a dossier on which the USA is pressing to allocate the 280 billion dollars of funds held abroad by the Russian central bank, and frozen by various Western countries, to finance the reconstruction of Ukraine. Allocating funds for Kiev is crucial, also underlined the head of the Pentagon, Lloyd Austin, noting that if Ukraine loses the war, the NATO countries will have to fight against Russia.

'Chico Forti will be transferred to Italy'

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister's words arrive in a video released in Washington: “I am happy to announce that after 24 years of detention in the United States , the authorization for the transfer of Chico Forti to Italy has been signed, a result resulting from the diplomatic commitment of this government for the collaboration with the State of Florida and with the government of the United States which I thank. It is a day of joy for Chico for his family for all of us we promised it we did it and now we are waiting for Chico Forti in Italy”.

“It is an extraordinary result of the Italian Government and diplomacy – wrote Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani on X -. Proud of our officials. In silence we continue to achieve important results”.

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