Lazio's victory pushes Italy to have five places in the next Champions League


Lazio's victory pushes Italy to have five places in the next Champions League
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Thanks to Lazio's victory over Bayern Munich in the Champions League, Italy extends its lead at the top of the table which gives it another place, fifth, in the next Champions League: here is the updated ranking and how the mechanism works.

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By beating Bayern Munich 1-0 in the first leg of the Champions League round of 16, Lazio not only did themselves a favor by putting themselves in an advantageous position ahead of the return match scheduled in Bavaria on 5 March, but gave a nice boost for Italy in the race to grab a further place in the next Champions League in addition to the four already guaranteed . The penalty scored by Immobile allows Italy to extend its lead in the nations' performance rankings for the current season, a ranking obtained by dividing the points taken home this year in all the cups (two for victory, one for the draw, plus bonus points for the various rounds) for the number of teams in each country.

The victory of Sarri's team is worth even more, given that it was obtained against a German team: Germany is third in this ranking and therefore taking points (0.286 added to the Italian cause) also means not adding them to the average of the Teutonic clubs. Italy is therefore ahead of England: at this moment these two leagues would be entitled to the two additional places that the new Champions League format attributes based on last season's performance in the cups. France, by virtue of PSG's victory over Real Sociedad, also makes a leap forward, overtaking Belgium in sixth position.

Given how the coefficient system works, it is clear how essential it is for as many teams as possible to advance in each competition: at the moment Italy is better off than its pursuers from this point of view, with all seven teams still in the running registered at the beginning of the season, despite Milan's 'relegation' to the Europa League. England – who are second – have lost two in the groups, as has fourth-placed Spain, while third-placed Germany still have six of their initial seven in contention.

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If Italy managed to remain in the first two places until the end of the cup season, it would therefore have the right to have a fifth team directly qualified for the next Champions League : at the moment – after the victorious recovery against Fiorentina – it would be Bologna to benefit from it , with Roma sixth, 4 points behind Bologna. But the road is still very long, both to maintain this privilege for Italian football and to understand how the race for Europe will end in the championship.


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