The Scudetto table of Milan fans: the comeback over Inter for the second star has been drawn up


The Scudetto table of Milan fans: the comeback over Inter for the second star has been drawn up
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Inter flies to the top of the Serie A table with advantages over their pursuers that no one would have ever expected after 25 matchdays. Juventus tried to keep up with the Nerazzurri, having only collected 2 points in the last 4, and Milan , who are experiencing the usual swing of positive and negative results.

The Rossoneri themselves seemed to have found good continuity and were entering matchday 25 with the possibility of overtaking Juventus to take second place and, perhaps, start thinking about a long-distance duel with their cousins. It is all too clear that the race to sew the second star on the chest now sees Simone Inzaghi's team ahead of Stefano Pioli's but the fans remain confident and on social media, before the match against Monza, a table for the tricolor comeback.


This list marked the path of the two teams from matchday 25 to the end, with the points that the Rossoneri and Nerazzurri should have collected in each match.

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Based on the calculations made by these Devil 's fans, the final ranking would see Milan finish with 91 points and Inter with 90 points: the Nerazzurri would win only 8 of the next 15 matches while the Rossoneri would only lose one, namely the Milan derby . A comeback that would have been sensational but which already started on the wrong foot, given the defeat suffered by Monza in the last round by Pioli's team. Due to this setback the gap between the two teams is 11 points, with the Nerazzurri having to recover the match against Atalanta (therefore a potential +14 or +12).

Last year a similar table was drawn up by Lazio fans for a possible comeback against Napoli with a view to the Scudetto but things didn't go as the Capitoline supporters thought.


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