Sardinia at the polls, over 1.4 million voters called to vote


Sardinia at the polls, over 1.4 million voters called to vote
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Polling stations open in Sardinia for voting operations in the regional elections. 1,447,761 Sardinians are called to vote: 709,840 are men and 737,921 are women. The overall data also includes the 112,221 voters residing outside Sardinia (registered with the Aire) of which 59,476 men and 52,745. There are 1844 electoral sections into which the island is divided. Voting will take place today only and until 10pm. The counting of ballots, however, will begin on Monday at 7am and will continue until 7pm.

There are four competing for the position of president of the Region: in alphabetical order Lucia Chessa with the autonomist list Sardigna R-esiste, Renato Soru with the Sardinian Coalition made up of five lists, Alessandra Todde for the broad-based Pd-M5s camp which brings together 10 lists and Paolo Truzzu of the center-right with nine lists.

You can vote, with the same green ballot and by writing the name of the candidate councilor, also for the renewal of the Sardinian legislative assembly: there are 1415 aspirants divided into 26 lists for 58 places available out of 60. The other two seats will be occupied by the gubernatorial candidate who emerges victorious from the competition and his challenger who comes second. Double gender preference is also foreseen: in this case it will be necessary to indicate two names of aspiring councilors of different sexes candidates in the same list.

Furthermore, split voting is permitted, i.e. expressing a preference for a list (and possibly writing the name of a councilor) and for a presidential candidate who are not connected to each other.

To know more ANSA Agency THE SHEET: How to vote – News – The Sardinian electoral law provides for voting to elect the president of the Region and to renew the regional council in a single day. The consultation has been set for Sunday 25 February and voters will be able to go to the polls from 6am.
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