The Region announces the elimination of the additional Irpef, but for the workers of Lazio it is a joke


The Region announces the elimination of the additional Irpef, but for the workers of Lazio it is a joke

The Lazio Region cuts the additional Irpef for workers with incomes up to 28 thousand euros. Attacks Valeriani (Pd): “Promise half kept, the commitment was to extend the fund to all workers with incomes up to 35 thousand euros”.

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The regional budget councilor, Giancarlo Righini , announced “the elimination of the regional Irpef surtax for incomes up to 28 thousand euros” . In short, a tax cut that will affect many workers in Rome and Lazio.

For incomes from 28 to 35 thousand euros , the Region explains that it wants to “use the advantage deriving from the fiscal maneuver of the national government which for these brackets already provides for the relief of 260 euros. We integrate it with a further 40 euros until reaching an overall benefit for taxpayers of 300 euros with an investment of approximately 16 million euros”.

The Rocca council reintroduces the Irpef cut for workers in Lazio

The positive fact is that the Rocca council took steps within the month of March, as it had promised, to resolve the problem of the lack of financing, for the year 2024, of the so-called 'Tax cut' fund , introduced by the Zingaretti council. A mechanism that allowed a cut in the regional surtax, which has currently returned to being the highest in Italy.

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The new “Fund for the reduction of tax pressure and income support” was illustrated first to the trade unions and then to the councilors of the Budget Commission. The fund will be introduced with a change to the budget. “We make a considerable effort from a financial point of view. But we respect what is established in the agreement signed with the workers' representatives themselves before the approval of the stability law”, explained Righini.

There is no elimination of the additional Irpef tax

The first problem with the measurement, however, is linked to the term used in the statement released by Righini: “zeroing” . Well, the additional Irpef tax will not actually be eliminated even for workers with incomes up to 28 thousand euros. The basic rate of the surcharge, in fact, is equal to 1.23 percent on the entire national territory, to which must be added 0.50 percent, dedicated to the Lazio healthcare recovery plan. In short, workers with incomes of up to 28 thousand euros will have an additional Irpef equal to 1.73%. As was foreseen by Zingaretti's 'tax cut' fund.

Valeriani (Pd): “Righini's commitment is half kept, enough fairy tales”

The second problem is linked, as PD councilor Massimiliano Valeriani explained to , to workers with incomes ranging from 28 thousand to 35 thousand euros: “The Rocca council's commitment is a commitment that has so far been half-honored. The council had undertaken, by signing an agreement with the union, to make the fund a structural and not an occasional source of resources, a one-off to deal with the problem. And secondly the commitment was to extend the fund to all workers with incomes of up to 35 thousand euros, which was not done.”

Valeriani also recalled that “the fund will only be reintroduced in 2025. Enough chatter, this council has no more excuses, no more fairy tales to tell about financial problems. For twenty years, those who govern Lazio have had to deal with a difficult situation from a financial point of view, but the resources can be found, as we have demonstrated”.

According to Valeriani, councilor Righini had also undertaken “to finance a fund for rent and to recover resources for tariff concessions on transport for under 19s for the other provinces of Lazio. In short, to guarantee children the same benefit that already offered to their colleagues residing in Rome, thanks to the municipal administration. Righini must find the resources to respect all the commitments he had made, otherwise it's just talk.”


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