Queen Camilla "is exhausted" and takes a week off


Queen Camilla "is exhausted" and takes a week off

Queen Camilla takes a week's holiday, described as “exhausted” after having supported all the royal commitments alone for several weeks, making up for the convalescence of her husband, King Charles III, who is being treated for cancer. We learn this from palace sources, cited by the Daily Mail.
The British press observes that the queen consort attended 13 official appointments alone or as head of the family, leading, among other things, the British Royal Family to the funeral of King Constantine of Greece, godfather of Charles who died in January, from which the heir to the throne William also left at the last minute for unspecified “personal” reasons. Camilla's health also seemed to worry observers and the media due to the pace of her institutional agenda, the load of responsibilities and emotional concerns that have accumulated in recent weeks and compared to her 76 years.
Now Camilla's agenda is clear until Commonwealth Day, which is celebrated on March 11, and sources suggest that it was probably the sovereign himself who insisted his wife take a few days off, in private.

A palace source told the Sunday Times that the Queen Consort has recently been “encouraged by the public reaction” to her taking over the reins of the royal family. “Although she did not expect to find herself in the position of leading the family – writes the Times Sunday -, the Queen is absolutely ready to do whatever needs to be done for the institution” she represents, that is, the monarchy”.

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