The tractor protest, the League rejoices: Irpef at 50% for incomes from 10 to 15 thousand euros


The tractor protest, the League rejoices: Irpef at 50% for incomes from 10 to 15 thousand euros

The summary comes after almost two hours of majority summit at Palazzo Montecitorio. The amendment to the Milleproroghe decree on Irpef for farmers finally arrives from the government and receives the applause of a agitated majority. The proposed amendment, which will be presented in the Constitutional Affairs and Budget Commissions of the Chamber, provides for the exemption of the payment of Irpef for agricultural and domain incomes up to 10 thousand euros, as already announced. The novelty instead concerns the 50% reduction in the amount to be paid for incomes between 10 thousand and 15 thousand euros. “In light of the publication of the technical table on the Ministry of Agriculture's website, we are ready to demobilize the garrison”, announces Maurizio Senigagliesi, one of the spokespersons for Agricultural Riscatto who promises the release of the tractors “within two or three days”. . Even among the majority forces, satisfaction prevails, so much so that Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni herself said that she sees a “compact majority”, despite the “different nuances”, which if anything for the prime minister are an “added value, otherwise we would be a party unique, while we are together by choice”. “When solutions need to be found – he reiterates – we always find them”. But the tension between the League and the Brothers of Italy does not seem to be easing. According to parliamentary sources, the agreement on the provision would certify the achievement of an agreement, “which is due to the joint work of ministers Giorgetti, Lollobrigida and Ciriani and deputy minister Leo”. The hours preceding the announcement, however, reveal a clear friction between the government forces, with the League continuing to raise the bar by proposing an agricultural income tax exemption threshold of up to 30 thousand euros. And not only. Because Matteo Salvini, just when the majority meeting is underway, calls his party together. Which with a note relaunches: “increase the Irpef exemption”. A move seen by some in the majority as a strong element of disturbance to the complicated work towards the agreement. Moments after the announcement of the provision, League sources expressed “great satisfaction with the government's determination to review the provision on Irpef, as requested since last week by Matteo Salvini”. Words that many interpret as a vindication, after days in which the Transport Minister's party had kept the level of the dispute high. From the Fratelli d'Italia camp there are those who read the amendment as a challenge launched precisely at the League. According to some, what was supposed to be a proposed change from the speaker becomes a government amendment precisely to prevent Salvini's party from planning further last-minute proposals. “Now will Molinari propose to modify a government amendment?” someone lets slip. It remains to be seen which minister will put his signature under the amendment, but in the meantime the fight to own the provision has already begun. Moreover, Fratelli d'Italia does not stand by and watch an ally decide to escalate the conflict even in the Senate. Where the Northern League members present an amendment to the electoral decree which opens up the third mandate for mayors (even of large cities) and for regional presidents. An initiative which would also slow down the discussion of the premiership, which is being discussed in the Constitutional Affairs commission itself. FdI's counteroffensive comes with an amendment not appreciated by the League, which allows those outside the office to vote. “If Salvini wants to play war with heavy vehicles – someone explains – we will do it with something that affects 4 million people”.


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