The 13 year old raped, the investigating judge ordered prison for the 3 minors


The 13 year old raped, the investigating judge ordered prison for the 3 minors

The investigating judge for minors in Catania has issued a precautionary custody order in prison for three of the suspects accused of having played an active part in the aggravated group sexual violence of a 13-year-old in the municipal gardens of Villa Bellini . They are two minors and a young man who has already turned 18, whose position will be transmitted tomorrow, for functional competence, to the district attorney's office. The ordinance must be validated within 20 days.

Two banners were displayed in front of the Palace of Justice: 'Femminestorie', 'Sham workshops coordination against violence and against femicide' and 'Fright rights without borders'.

“My client confirmed what he had said before, so it was a quick interrogation. He explained that his presence on the scene was completely random, he was there because he had heard shouting. But any other assessment at the moment is premature.” This was stated by the lawyer Salvatore Ganci who is assisting the adult under house arrest for the gang violence at Villa Bellini. The lawyer added that “it seems that there were between 10 and 7 boys present, but at the moment the arrest indicates 7 and if there is anything more it will come out of the investigation”. The criminal lawyer revealed that his client “realised the seriousness of the facts straight away, which is why he first spoke to community workers and then to the police”.

One suspect availed himself of the right not to answer, the other instead asked himself to be questioned and answered the investigating judge's questions. The first lives in the community, the second works in Acireale. I have been in the Catania area for two years.” This was stated by the lawyer Alessandro Fidone who assists two of those arrested for the gang violence at Villa Bellini in Catania. The criminal lawyer specified that the young man who spoke to the investigating judge “said he was uninvolved in the facts” adding that “he was on site but did not participate in the attack and understood the seriousness of the facts”.

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The investigations started from an input, 'it's them'

They are a group and are of Egyptian origin. This is the input of the investigations launched by the District Prosecutor's Office of Catania into the aggravated group sexual violence of a 13-year-old girl from Catania in the public bathrooms of Villa Bellini, committed on January 30th. No help came from the cameras in the municipal gardens as they were not yet active.
Thus the attention of the Carabinieri shifts to the video surveillance systems of public places which also target the entrances of the Villa. We search, we dig, and in the meantime we learn that some members of the herd are Egyptians, who would have been stopped for other reasons in that area. The order from the Prosecutor's Office to carry out a screening in the host communities is issued and Egyptians of that age group are summoned: of the first two to arrive, one speaks and names the names of two.
From social contacts on Tik Tok we arrive at other connections, until we have the seven names and seven suspects.
The victim's statements are also important for the investigation. In shock, but determined to “want justice” for the violence she suffered. She says firmly “I only saw three of them: two raped me, the other was watching, but my boyfriend saw them all”. He doesn't say anything else because he has confused faces in his mind and doesn't want to accuse innocent people.
He reiterates: “I want justice”. And he will recognize the three. To an investigator she gives the impression of a girl much more mature than her age.
And the 17-year-old boyfriend also confirms this and has no hesitations when confronted with the potential attackers: “this one was there, this one wasn't there”, he replies with certainty.
He also recognizes one of the rapists, but says “there is no second among them”. Because he was preparing to leave the community that hosted him, where he was found recovering his clothes and other belongings to escape. And this too is recognized by the 13 year old: “it's him…” she says.

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