Kimi Antonelli with his school books on the plane after the GP in Saudi Arabia: he has a test tomorrow


Kimi Antonelli with his school books on the plane after the GP in Saudi Arabia: he has a test tomorrow

The Team Prema driver is at the airport, returning after competing in F2 in the Saudi Arabia stage. A test awaits him at school on Monday: Antonelli is in his fourth year at the “Salvemini” Institute in Bologna, studying international relations and marketing.

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Kimi Antonelli has the books in his left hand, the suitcase in his right hand. Backpack on his shoulders and smile on his face while he is at the airport waiting to board. The Team Prema driver leaves Saudi Arabia and has the face of a student who, during the night before exams, has the roar of the engine and an overall satisfactory race in the F2 Grand Prix in his head, as well as the awareness that a test awaits him important. Business, marketing and the world is the title of the text that he holds together with his jacket.

That little volume is the faithful travel companion on the occasion of the return home and the question which can put on you as much pressure and adrenaline as (and perhaps even more) riding on the track. “Well done Kimi Antonelli. Great weekend and then back to the books, with school waiting for you, check tomorrow… great example – we read in the story shared on social media by the Sky journalist, Carlo Vanzini -. Ps.: prof. I can certify that he was studying” .

Antonelli divides his passion and career in the great motoring circus (he has been indicated by many as a possible heir to Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes) with attending the “Salvemini” Specialized Technical Institute in Bologna. He is in his fourth year studying International Relations and Marketing. How do you combine your school commitments with your professional ones? How does he find the right concentration to achieve good results in his cultural path in light of the trips he has to make to fulfill his duties as a pilot?

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He said it in a recent interview, where he spoke about the relationship he has with the world of school: “The teachers are very understanding and help me because they understand my situation considering my sporting commitment. I always take my books with me on away games and every now and then I study in the hotel. So far I’ve managed it.” English is the subject with which he is particularly confident. “Because I also speak it on the track” .

Speaking of asphalt and engines, how did it go with Team Prema in Arabia? While his teammate, Bearman, made his F1 debut at the wheel of Ferrari in place of Carlos Sainz (who underwent emergency surgery for appendicitis), Antonelli improved on the tenth place he obtained in Bahrain by finishing in sixth position in Jeddah. The unfortunate start (he was stuck due to clutch problems, ending up sucked into the snake of cars overtaking him) affected his performance and thanks to Verschoor’s disqualification.

“I’m not satisfied with what happened in the race – Antonelli’s words -. The clutch problem at the start made me lose several positions and compromised my race. But I had a satisfactory race pace and it’s a shame because I could have fought also for a better placement”.


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