Jorit: 'The photo with Putin? And Biden's kiss to Meloni?'


Jorit: 'The photo with Putin? And Biden's kiss to Meloni?'

“The photos of Meloni's kiss with Biden or Netanyahu should cause at least more discussion than mine with Putin. And instead the war propaganda has made us believe that on one side there are the good guys (West) and on the other the bad guys (Russia , China too in the future?)”. Thus, in a post on Instagram, the street artist Jorit after the controversy over the photo and his sentences about Putin.

As for his visit to Russia on the occasion of the Youth Forum in Sochi, Jorit said that “it is consistent with the path of artistic militancy that I have been pursuing for years and, like the previous ones, it aims to spread a message of peace. Far from me praising Putin, but how can we not break the propaganda bubble that wants us to be in conflict and always on multiple fronts?”.

The street artist also claims that “European politicians must immediately resume diplomatic contacts and open a dialogue with Russia. The war must be stopped, bridges must be built between peoples, it must be done now!”.

The Ukrainians of Naples to Jorit: 'Now he stays in Russia'

The photo that the Neapolitan street artist Jorit took next to Vladimyr Putin in Sochi was not liked by the Ukrainian community in Naples. Zhanna Zhukova, journalist, representative of the My Volia association and spokesperson for the joint coordination of Ukrainian associations, acted as spokesperson for the discontent, with a symbolic protest staged in the afternoon in Piazza Dante.
in Campania.

The woman went to Piazza Dante, already a meeting place for the Ukrainian community in recent weeks, and attached two posters next to the altar set up to pay homage to the Russian dissident Aleksej Navalny which portray Jorit next to Putin. On the face of the Russian president a hand dripping blood.

Zhukova, who moved to Naples with the onset of the conflict from Odessa where she was a political journalist, in particular as an author and director for, addressed a thought to Jorit: “I'm in your Naples, but if you really like the murderers remains in Russia. Poor Jorit. Don't you understand that this monster eats people like you for breakfast, squeezes the juices out of them and then spits them out.”

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