John Travolta turns 70, from Saturday Night Fever to the Qua Qua Dance


John Travolta turns 70, from Saturday Night Fever to the Qua Qua Dance
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Celebrating 70 years of Hollywood icon John Travolta who was born on 18 February 1954 in Englewood, New Jersey (USA). He is one of the most loved and popular actors, fresh from the slip-up at the Sanremo festival for the alleged case of advertising for a brand of sports shoes and above all for having danced, he who enchanted in Grease, the infamous qua qua dance which later became the object of memes and irony not only in Italy. Travolta celebrates with his two children Ella and Benjamin.

Although enormously successful, his was a life marked by great losses: his son Jett died in 2009 of an epileptic attack, his first partner Diana Hyland died of breast cancer and his wife, actress and model Kelly Preston, also died prematurely due to same illness in 2020 , without forgetting another death that saddened him recently, in 2022, again due to cancer, of Olivia Newton John, his unforgettable partner in Grease (1978) and who he greeted with a heartbreaking “I will be for always your Danny.” Travolta's popularity is such that in April 2023 his white suit worn in 'Saturday Night Fever' was sold at auction on Saturday for $260,000, after a dispute between participants sitting at Julien's Auctions in Beverly Hills and those online. In a career “you always encounter ups and downs, you never know how a movie will go” John Travolta defined the roller coaster of his path as an actor. The cult film Saturday Night Fever in 1977 in which he played Tony Manero, then Grease (1978) then the rebirth with Quentin Tarantino for Pulp Fiction (the film won Oscar, Golden Globe and Palme d'Or at Cannes) and an up and down which includes The Beasts by Oliver Stone, other films, low budget and indie, little appreciated by audiences and critics. Nominated twice for an Oscar without ever winning the statuette (for Grease and Pulp Fiction), he won the Golden Globe for best actor in a comedy with “Get Shorty” and was also nominated for “Hairspray – Fat is beautiful!”. For TV he earned an Emmy nomination (for his performance as OJ's lawyer
Simpson, Robert Shapiro in American Crime Story), with his films he has grossed over 4 billion dollars). American actor, dancer and singer of Italian origins, his long career includes the Brian De Palma thriller “Blow Out”, “Look Who's Talking” comedy with Kirstie Alley and the biography of the famous New York mafioso “Gotti – The First Godfather”. the anecdote from 1985 when Princess Diana asked John Travolta to dance with her at the White House party. Always passionate about aeronautics (he took flying lessons from the age of 15 and became a certified pilot at 22), John Travolta has added another personal achievement, obtaining the license to take the controls of the Boeing 737, which can carry more than one hundred passengers.

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