Jennifer Lopez calls ‘This Is Me… Now’ a “20 year journey”

Aprilia Rine

Jennifer Lopez calls ‘This Is Me… Now’ a “20 year journey”
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Jennifer Lopez has said that her new album ‘This Is Me… Now’ is the result of a “20 year journey” that has encompassed her “entire music career”. 

The album was released yesterday (February 16), alongside its accompanying film This Is Me… Now: A Love Story, a fictionalised account of Lopez’ love life with Ben Affleck. 

In an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Lopez spoke about the two projects, saying that they are all about her “reconciling” the last two decades of “growth and all the falling down and getting up” that she has done. 


“This is a 20 year journey,” she continued. “This project is a 20 year project of my whole entire music career, and how I got from then to now.” 

Lopez recently brought out Latto and REDMAN for her Saturday Night Live performance of ‘Can’t Get Enough’, the lead single from her upcoming album. Latto first took to the stage to deliver her remixed verse next to JLo; in a twist, REDMAN also appeared to rap his own verse.  

‘This Is Me… Now’ is her first album in over a decade. In an interview with Zane Lowe, she said the music felt like “authentic rhythms and melodies and more than anything, a feeling in the music, and I think that’s what a lot of people who heard the album in its early days were feeling.”  

The accompanying film of the same name features Lopez and Affleck playing versions of themselves, alongside Trevor Noah, Jane Fonda, Sofia Vergara and Post Malone. There is also set to be a documentary film titled The Greatest Love Story Never Told to come out on February 27, which will be a behind the scenes account of the making of the album and the narrative film. 

In other news, Lopez has been announced to produce the new Bob The Builder film. The film, set to star Anthony Ramos, will follow Bob as he travels to Puerto Rico, and “takes on issues affecting the island and digs deeper into what it means to build. Bob’s journey will celebrate the vibrant and colourful textures of the Caribbean Latin nations and their people.” 


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