'Israel ready for 6 weeks of truce, ball to Hamas'


'Israel ready for 6 weeks of truce, ball to Hamas'

There are glimmers of hope for a long truce in Gaza that would favor a new exchange of prisoners. According to Washington, Israel has “more or less” accepted the agreement for a six-week pause in hostilities, and “the ball is now in Hamas' court”.

The objective remains that of an agreement before the start of Ramadan, on March 10, but as always the negotiation remains hanging by a thread, also because the Netanyahu government appears adamant on one point: the Palestinian faction must hand over the list of hostages still alive. While awaiting a ceasefire, international humanitarian assistance efforts have increased.

The United States, after Joe Biden's announcement, started the aid operation with military planes, launching aid for the population. After numerous stops and gos, the Egyptian capital will return to the center of the negotiations. Tomorrow, according to security sources in Cairo, talks will resume to reach a ceasefire that will allow the release of other hostages.

For Israel, a senior diplomatic official clarified, the key issue is not the return of civilians to the northern Strip, but the identity of the hostages who will be released by Hamas, as well as the number of Palestinian prisoners released for each hostage. The Palestinian faction has so far not responded to these questions, and Israel expects to hear back no later than Monday, the diplomat added. While a Biden administration official confirmed that “the Israelis have more or less accepted” to close: the idea would be that of “a six-week ceasefire, if Hamas agreed to release the vulnerable hostages”. Pressure from Israeli citizens towards their government is also mounting on the hostages. Tens of thousands took to the streets of Jerusalem, demanding that everyone return home. On the ground, the armed forces of the Jewish State continued the offensive against Hamas, bombing practically the entire Strip.

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In the news of this latest day of conflict, Palestinian sources reported raids on some houses in Deir al-Balah and Jabalia, in the center and north respectively, which caused at least 17 deaths. Over 10 victims were counted in the south, in Rafah, where a tent of displaced people was hit. All this while the shock of the massacre of Palestinians last Thursday, over 100 dead and 700 injured, during the delivery of aid, remains strong. According to the director of al-Awda hospital in Jabalia, where many of the wounded were taken, around 80% of them had gunshot wounds. Even the UN, which visited the facility, confirmed this. The Israeli army, however, reiterated that most of the people died in the crush. And he defined the claim that we intentionally attacked the convoy as “unfounded. We were there to protect that operation”, assured an IDF spokesperson. Meanwhile, the EU, through the high representative Joseph Borrell, has once again called for “an impartial international investigation”. Delivering aid remains the main challenge for Gaza, as the WHO has reported that at least ten children have died from malnutrition in recent days. The United States also took the field directly: three C-130s from Air Forces Central dropped 66 packages containing approximately 38,000 meals. Following the example of Egypt, Jordan, the Emirates and France. Israeli military radio described the US air force's intervention as “a clear sign of dissatisfaction” by Washington with its ally over the serious humanitarian situation in the Strip. Biden himself underlined that the aid arriving is “insufficient”, and the administration notes that “the entry of assistance by land” remains necessary. This and much more will be discussed on Monday in the United States, where Benny Gantz is expected to meet Vice President Kamala Harris and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan.

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