Israel thinks again and changes the song for Eurovision


Israel thinks again and changes the song for Eurovision

The pressure from Europe had an effect and Israel refused to present the song 'October Rain' at the Eurovision Song Festival. After the intervention of the head of state Isaac Herzog himself – according to which it is of primary interest that Israel participates in any case in Malmo, Sweden – the Israeli broadcasting body KAN has announced that it will send the EBU (European Broadcasting Union) another song, titled 'Hurricane'. The melody – Kan said – is the same, but the lyrics (produced by the same authors, Keren Peles and Avi Ohayion) have been changed. If in 'October Rain' references were found, at least implicit, to the drama experienced in Israel on October 7, the new song will talk, according to rumors in musical circles, about a young woman after a personal crisis.

In a statement Kan specified that “to this day he does not share the position of the EBU, which canceled two of our songs ('October Rain' and 'Dance Forever') claiming that they had 'a political character'. However, we decided to welcome the advice given by the head of state Herzog, to make the necessary adjustments to allow Israel to be present on the Eurovision stage”. A few hours after the release of the note, Kan underlined that he is now focusing on 'Hurricane'. If the programs do not change, it will be performed for the first time on March 10th on Kan TV by singer Eden Golan.

Born 20 years ago in Tel Aviv, at the age of 5 she moved with her family to Moscow, where she lived for 13 years. In 2015 he tried to represent Russia at Eurovision (with a song in Hebrew) and then joined a local pop band. On Youtube his songs ('Taxi', 'Dopamine' and 'Let Me Blow Ya Mind') have achieved considerable success. Now Golan understands that this edition of Eurovision has a very particular meaning for Israel, in the exasperated climate caused by the war in Gaza. As Herzog himself noted, “while our haters try to push us and boycott Israel in every forum, we must make our voices heard proudly, with our heads held high, and wave our flag.” Also in Malmo, next May.

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