Israel admitted to Eurovision with 'Hurricane'


Israel admitted to Eurovision with 'Hurricane'

Israel has been admitted to the next edition of the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö (Sweden), where singer Eden Golan will perform the song 'Hurricane'. This was announced by the Israeli broadcasting body Kan, according to which the definitive confirmation from the organizers of the European Broadcasting Union (Ebu) arrived today.

''They examined the text and listened to the performance,'' Kan specified. Previously the song 'October Rain' had been discarded, found unsuitable while the war in Gaza continues. The head of state Isaac Herzog intervened in the matter and persuaded Kan to present another song.

The controversy over the content of the Israeli song at Eurovision dragged on for weeks after many in Europe found the title of the originally chosen song, 'October Rain', inappropriate in light of the ongoing war in Gaza which broke out precisely in October. Kan's explanations that the song, entrusted to the young Eden Golan (an artist born in Israel, then moved to Russia for several years, and then returned home), had no political connotation, and was limited to express melancholy feelings.

Faced with the stalemate, Herzog intervened and advised Kan to ask the authors of the first song to develop different lyrics, maintaining the original melody. Thus 'Hurricane' was born: a song that no one in Israel has yet heard (it will be presented on Sunday) but which apparently concerns a young woman emerging from a personal crisis.

Last week Herzog said that the Eurovision Song Contest ''is not only a sporting competition, but also has political significance'' for Israel. His words came after sensational protests from Israel at the end of February at the awards ceremony of the Berlin Film Festival, and with the circulation of an anti-Israeli petition at the Venice Biennale.

“While our haters try to push us and boycott Israel in every forum – observed Herzog – we must make our voice heard with pride, with our heads held high, and wave our flag”. One thing is certain: after these ordeals in Malmö the Israeli singer will polarize the attention of the media. Those who know her assure that ''even though she looks frail, Eden has determination to spare''

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