Fall in love in Viterbo, underground emotion for Valentine's Day


Fall in love in Viterbo, underground emotion for Valentine's Day

Special guided tours in Underground Viterbo dedicated to all couples in love who will thus be able to spend the most romantic party of the year in a different and original way. A new event that enriches the offer of Tesori d' Etruria and its Underground Viterbo, which have now become a true cultural and entertainment point of reference of the “City of the Etruscans”, the ancient Surna.

The visits will lead couples through the suggestive routes that extend under the historic center of the city, a stone's throw from the medieval district of San Pellegrino. Viterbo Sotterranea offers the public an important possibility for a differentiated visit: in addition to the classic underground route, the doors of the new monumental route and the Historical-Educational Museum of the Knights Templar, unique in Italy, will open. We remember that the extraordinary underground circuit, located in via Chigi, excites and amazes not only for the size of the spaces, but also for the suggestion that they evoke thanks to their ancient history.

From the Etruscan tunnels to the medieval ones, from the shelters of the Second World War to the “studiolo” built at the time by grave robbers, from the “medieval butto” to the Etruscan water pipes, up to arriving in an environment of great charm: the oldest place of worship underground of the historic center of Viterbo. Also visible is an ancient tunnel, probably of ritual use, from the pre-Etruscan era.

It is an excellent opportunity to discover the underground secrets of the Etruscan and medieval city, accompanied by the stories of the Viterbo Underground tourist guides to discover these magical places, on a long journey through history. In fact, according to some accredited theories put forward by scholars and archaeologists, the first cut in the tuff dates back to the Etruscans. The visits will be carried out continuously from 10am to 8pm.

It will also be possible to take part in enchanting guided tours in the wonderful historic center of Viterbo. For the occasion, all couples will be offered a sweet tasting of typical Tuscia products.


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