Injury for Thuram in Inter-Atletico Madrid: Griezmann confides that he will not be able to continue


Injury for Thuram in Inter-Atletico Madrid: Griezmann confides that he will not be able to continue
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Marcus Thuram was knocked out in Inter-Atletico Madrid . Muscle injury for Inzaghi's striker who reported a thigh contracture according to initial reports. Already on the pitch he had expressed his disappointment at what had happened to Griezmann , before making way for Aranutovic.

Thuram's injury occurred at the end of the first half, during a good restart by Inter . The French striker orchestrated a fast and effective counterattack with a nice stride in the central area and, after an exchange with Barella, attempted a first-time shot from the edge. Ball in Oblak's arms, but everyone's attention was on the 26-year-old who doubled over, touching the inside of his right thigh.

A pained expression for Inter's number 9 who was immediately surrounded by his teammates and opponents who checked on his condition. After lying down on the pitch, with the Nerazzurri medical staff using the spray, Thuram resumed his place on the pitch and spoke with his national teammate Griezmann who asked him for clarification on his condition. All under the eyes of father Lilian present in the stands .

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Despite the muscle problem, stopwatch in hand, Thuram remained on the pitch practically running and maintaining his position, in order to allow Inter not to waste a substitution slot. A change that took place instead in the interval (which is not considered as a slot). Before entering the locker room tunnel, Marcus was approached again first by Mhkitaryan and then again by Griezmann.

He nodded no to the latter, explaining that he was unable to continue the match. Le Petite Diable consoled him by placing a hand on his head. However, it doesn't seem like a very serious injury, even if Inzaghi preferred to preserve it by throwing Arnautovic into the fray in the second half in place of the center forward. It could be a contracture in the right thigh.


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