Perugia investigation: there is also the hypothesis of the instigator. The League: 'We will ask everyone for damages regarding the dossier'


Perugia investigation: there is also the hypothesis of the instigator. The League: 'We will ask everyone for damages regarding the dossier'

“If there really was a committee of spies who then sold this information to damage the League and the center-right, I think that 60 million Italians have the right to know.” The leader of the League Matteo Salvini goes on the attack after the investigation by the Perugia prosecutor's office into alleged dossiers against politicians and VIPs . And the Anti-Mafia and Copasir commissions are moving to plan the hearings – requested by both – of the national Anti-Mafia prosecutor, Giovanni Melillo and the prosecutor of Perugia, Raffaele Cantone.

While the minister Adolfo Urso – among the victims of access to the suspicious transaction reporting system – also made it known that he could request a hearing as the two magistrates did. The League announces a “request for compensation for damages at all levels”. “I refuse to think – states Salvini – that it was an unfaithful finance official, a single magistrate or journalist. Here there is evidently a system whose adversary was the League and the centre-right to overthrow. We want to know who is behind it and we ask for condemnation at all levels: it is unacceptable to think that someone could be spied on in their private life by members of the State”. M5s leader Giuseppe Conte also asks for clarity from the opposition. “The judiciary – he says – should get to the bottom of it. Illegal access is not acceptable. Let light be shed on this matter. It doesn't seem to me that it is a question of exclusivity where the victims are in the centre-right as exponents of the Brothers of Italy have said. Unfortunately, I'm also here with my dearest loved ones.”

Among the politicians who were victims of the over 800 unauthorized accesses to the confidential databases was also the Minister of Business and Made in Italy, Adolfo Urso. “I became aware – he recalls – of intrusions and theft of emails when I was president of Copasir. I now read in the press that illicit interferences had also taken place on my current accounts, and already in previous years, when I should have guaranteed and I guaranteed as president of the Committee parliamentarian that democratic institutions were protected. Given that Melillo and Cantone have asked to be heard by the CSM, the Anti-Mafia Commission and Copasir, after their hearing I will decide whether to ask for it too.”

The Anti-Mafia has already scheduled the appointments: it will take place on Wednesday at 4.30pm in Melillo and the following day at 10am in Cantone. And there is controversy in the commission, where there has been a particularly heated bureau. Vice President Mauro D'Attis (FI) invited the other Vice President and former magistrate Federico Cafiero De Raho (M5s) to abstain from participating “in the sessions concerning the investigation because at the time of the events he was the National Anti-Mafia Prosecutor”. Raffaella Paita (Iv) even overturns the perspective: “I think that De Raho should answer to the Anti-Mafia commission, but as an auditor, not as commissioner”. Franco Mirabelli (Pd) doesn't agree: “The attempt to use the Perugia investigation to discredit people like Cafiero De Raho is unacceptable. His presence in the commission is not only not inappropriate, but really useful for the contribution he can make” . And after the anti-mafia stage, the doors of Copasir will also be opened to the two magistrates, who are currently deciding the dates of the hearings. Tomorrow the body will meet. “We need to delve deeper and understand for whose benefit this initiative was taken and whether there are organized power chains”, says Enrico Borghi (IV), member of the Committee. Along the same line is the other Borghi member of the parliamentary body, the Northern League member Claudio, who anticipates the request to expand the audience of the hearings: “It is necessary to shed full light. We will ask Copasir to audit the highest levels of the institutions”, he says .

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There is also the hypothesis of the instigator in the Perugia investigation

There is also the hypothesis that Pasquale Striano may have had an instigator among those examined by the Perugia prosecutor's office which is investigating the hundreds of accesses deemed abusive to the databases of the national anti-mafia prosecutor's office by the lieutenant of the Financial Police. A hypothesis which, however, has not so far found confirmation in the investigations of the magistrates coordinated by the prosecutor Raffaele Cantone. The central theme of the investigation therefore remains that of how the information recovered by Striano from the databases was used. And whether the officer provided them to other people and, if so, for what purposes.

Prosecutor Rome investigates accusations against Gravina

The Rome Prosecutor's Office has opened a file on the accusations made against FIGC president Gabriele Gravina. The investigation, at the moment without suspects or hypotheses of crime, is under the attention of the magistrates of Rome in relation to a report, months ago, by the DNA and which would have as its object “alleged illicit activities – as emerges from the investigation papers of Perugia – implemented by Gabriele Gravina” president of the FIGC.

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