Dossier investigation. The Anti-Mafia evaluates the hearing of Melillo and Cantone


Dossier investigation. The Anti-Mafia evaluates the hearing of Melillo and Cantone

The presidential office of the Anti-Mafia Commission will be held tomorrow to evaluate the request for a hearing from the national anti-mafia prosecutor Giovanni Melillo and that of Perugia Raffaele Cantone as part of the Perugia investigation into approximately 800 unauthorized accesses to the database relating to Reports of operations suspicious. We learn this from parliamentary sources.

To know more ANSA Agency From Fedez to Cristiano Ronaldo and Guido Crosetto investigates Perugia but excludes the dossier – News – Gasparri, immediately subjected to an inspection by the Anti-Mafia Prosecutor's Office and asked to evaluate whether extraordinary measures should then be taken (ANSA)

The Perugia Prosecutor's Office aims to verify whether most of the information obtained by the financier Pasquale Striano, through illegal access to the databases used by the national anti-mafia prosecutor's office, had recipients not yet identified and was used. Among the hundreds of disputed accesses to the member of the financial police, only a small part would not have allowed information to be obtained.

To know more ANSA Agency Fifteen people under investigation in the dossier investigation, including journalists – News – About fifteen people are under investigation in the file of the Perugia prosecutor's office relating to an alleged dossier activity on alleged abusive access to databases with reports of suspicious financial transactions . (HANDLE)

The League: 'An attack on the Republic and democracy'

“The investigation into the spies who illegally sifted through the data of hundreds of citizens, especially from the centre-right and in particular politicians and people close to the League, reveals a disconcerting picture”. This is what we read in a note from the League. “We are certain that the highest leaders of the institutions will be able to intervene with unequivocal clarity and we will ask that Copasir delve into the issue in detail until complete clarity on the facts, starting from the hearings of the present and past leaders of the Guardia di Finanza and the Anti-Mafia. We are faced with an attack on the Republic and democracy”, continues the note. “We are faced with an attack on the Republic and on democracy which involves the Judiciary, the Financial Police and left-wing newspapers, with the result that on more than one occasion the Prosecutor's Office has opened investigations based on alleged scoops born from news constructed on the basis of of data obtained illegally”, concludes the note from the League.

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