Thousands at Navalny's funeral: 'Russia will be free' LIVE


Thousands at Navalny's funeral: 'Russia will be free' LIVE

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Tajani: 'Our presence at Navalny's, a message of freedom'

“Today Navalny's funeral took place and I sent our charge d'affaires to place flowers on the grave of the Russian opponent to send a very clear message from Italy in favor of freedom of expression, democracy, defense of human rights in the Russian Federation”. Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani said this in a press conference at the Farnesina


Meduza: 7 arrested in Novosibirsk in an event for Navalny, then released

Seven people were arrested in Novosibirsk, Siberia, during a demonstration in memory of Navalny at the Monument to the Victims of Political Repression. This was reported by the human rights defense group OVD-Info, as reported by Meduza. An eyewitness reported that the people were taken to a police van and then released after checking their documents. Police have reportedly been on duty near the monument since morning.


The chargé d'affaires in Moscow: 'Rome alongside those who fight for democracy'

“Alexei Navalny's story is a human and political affair that has shaken the consciences of world public opinion and warned the international community. I am here on the recommendation of the Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Tajani because the Italian government is at the side of who fights for democracy, for freedom of thought and for the inalienable rights of every human being. Today we are here to offer a tribute to the extraordinary courage of Alexei Navalny.” This was stated by the Italian chargé d'affaires in Russia Pietro Sferra Carini who today attended the funeral and burial of Alexei Navalny in Moscow.

Chargé d'affaires Pietro Sferra Carini at Navalny's grave


Borrell: 'The EU's condolences for Navalny, his ideas will remain'

“The EU expresses its condolences to the family and friends of Alexei Navalny. The EU ambassador and other diplomats are paying tribute to him. Navalny's beliefs will not disappear: ideas cannot be tortured, poisoned or killed. It remains an inspiration to many in Russia and elsewhere.” EU High Representative for Foreign Policy Josep Borrell writes this on X.

For German Chancellor Olaf Scholz “Alexei Navalny paid with his life for his fight for democracy and freedom. After his death, brave Russian men and women carry on his legacy: many of them were present at the funeral today and ran a great risk – for freedom”.


Yulia Navalnaya: 'I will try to make you proud, I love you'

Alexei Navalny's widow, Yulia Navalnaya, who lives abroad and was not at the funeral today, published a farewell message to her husband on X with a video of their life together. “Thank you for 26 years of absolute happiness. Yes, even the last three years of happiness. For the love, for always supporting me, for making me laugh even from prison, for the fact that you always thought of me. I don't know how to live without of you, but I will try to make you up there happy for me and proud of me. I don't know if I can handle it or not, but I will try. I will love you forever. Rest in peace.”

“We will meet – writes the wife – definitely one day. I have so many stories to tell you and I have so many songs saved for you on my phone, stupid and funny, in general, to be honest, terrible songs, but they are about us and I really wanted to let you listen to them. And I really wanted to see you listen to them, laugh and then hug me.”


Team Navalny: Terminator 2 music at the cemetery

“Alexei considered Terminator 2 the best film on earth. The music from the final scene was played at his funeral.” Alexei Navalny's spokeswoman, Kira Yarmish, writes this on

Alexey Navalny's coffin was lowered into the grave to the tune of Frank Sinatra's 'My Way'. This was reported – CNN reports – by the opponent's team during a live broadcast of the burial ceremony. Navalny's team also said it is having problems with transmission due to communication disturbances on site. Problems encountered, writes the American broadcaster, also by CNN itself.


Navalny was buried at the Borisovskoye cemetery

Alexei Navalny was buried at Borisovskoye Cemetery. Only family members were admitted to the ceremony.


Western diplomats not allowed in church for Navalny

Western ambassadors and diplomats were not allowed to enter the church for Alexei Navalny's funeral. The diplomats waited outside like so many other people. At the end of the ceremony, when the hearse headed towards the cemetery, the Italian chargé d'affaires Pietro Sferra Carini threw a red flower on the car like many Russians.


At least 2-3,000 people attended Navalny's funeral

Outside the Church of the Icon of the Mother of God in Moscow, where the funeral of Alexei Navalny took place, at least 2-3 thousand people were present. This was reported by local journalistic sources. The crowd waited outside the church and in the surrounding streets as only a few people other than family members were allowed into the church.


Navalny's funeral completed. the crowd outside the church: 'Russia will be free'

Alexei Navalny's funeral service in the church has ended and the coffin is now on its way to the cemetery: this was reported by his friend and collaborator Ivan Zhdanov on social media, as reported by the BBC. Zhdanov encouraged people to start walking to the cemetery, which is about a 30-minute walk from the church of the Icon of the Mother of God.

As the coffin was carried out of the church in Moscow at the end of the funeral, some people in the crowd threw flowers onto the hearse and shouted 'Russia will be free!'. Others called for 'no war!' and some shouted 'murderers'. The BBC reports it.

Navalny's mother, Lyudmila, was hugged by many people outside the church shortly after the funeral service ended. In a video shared on social media, and filmed by the BBC, several people can be seen approaching and hugging her, saying: “Thank you for your son” and “forgive us”.


EU: 'Our delegation at Navalny's funeral in Moscow'

“An EU delegation participates in the funeral of Alexei Navalny. It is led by the head of our diplomatic delegation.” This was explained by the spokesperson of the EU External Action Service Peter Stano. “There are several indications of the Kremlin's action regarding the violation of human rights, just look at the repression implemented after the death” of the opponent, Stano recalled. “Navalny was a freedom fighter and we pay homage to him”, added Commission spokesman Eric Mamer.


Navalny's parents arrive at the funeral

Anatoly Navalny and Lyudmila Navalnaya, the parents of the Russian dissident who died in a prison in Siberia, were photographed walking to the Church of the Icon of the Mother of God in Moscow for their son's funeral.

Navalny's parents arrive at funeral in Moscow


Lessons extended for schools near the funeral church

Parents of students in Moscow's Maryino neighborhood, where Navalny's funeral will be held, have been warned that their children will have to stay at school until 3.15pm “to ensure their safety”. Meduza reports this, adding that at least one institution has even added an extra lesson at the end of the school day.


Navalny team, problems with internet on mobile phones

Navalny's team said there were problems with mobile internet coverage, making it difficult to stream live footage. The BBC reports this, specifying that it has not seen live images of the arrival of the dissident's coffin in the church, while some photos have been shared of a coffin being unloaded from a hearse.


Human rights groups: 'Bring your lawyers' details to funerals'

Human rights groups have advised people attending Navalny's funeral to write down details of lawyers who could help them if arrested. The international media reported it, underlining that he was advised to also have his passport and bottles of water with him.

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United Kingdom: 'Putin wants to silence the opposition but the world is watching'

Russian President Vladimir Putin “tried to silence” the opposition, but “the world is watching” Moscow and the ongoing funeral of Alexey Navalny. The British Foreign Minister, Lord David Cameron, wrote this today on his X profile, sending a coded message to the Kremlin at the same time as the funeral.


Media: US ambassador present at Navalny's funeral

According to Western media, Lynne Tracy, US ambassador to Russia, attends the funeral of Alexei Navalny. Also arriving were the German ambassadors Lambsdorff, the French ambassador Pierre Levy and the Italian chargé d'affaires Pietro Sferra Carini. American, they arrived at the church to pay homage to Alexei Navalny. The BBC publishes a photo of Lambsdorff, Levy and Tracy near the church, dressed in black and holding red roses.


The crowd at Navalny's funeral: 'you weren't afraid and neither were we'

When the hearse carrying Alexei Navalny's coffin arrived at the church, the crowd could be heard applauding and chanting: “You were not afraid and we are not afraid” as the coffin was carried into the church for burial. funeral. The BBC writes it.


Navalny's coffin arrives, people applaud

Alexei Navalny's coffin has arrived at the Moscow church where the funeral is taking place. The hundreds of people gathered outside are applauding.

The crowd gathered outside the Moscow church where the funeral is taking place chants 'Navalny, Navalny' in homage to the Russian opponent. The Kremlin has warned that no demonstrations are authorized during the funeral.


Team Navalny: over a thousand people near the church

About an hour and a half before the start of the service, the Navalny team estimates that over 1,000 people gathered near the Moscow church to say their final goodbyes to Alexei Navalny. Reuters reports it on its website.


Over 130 thousand people tuned in to the Navalny team's live broadcast

In a Russia, where TV and official media ignore the event, the team of the Anti-Corruption Foundation took it upon themselves to provide a live streaming of Alexei Navalny's funeral. Two crew members are conducting coverage from a studio and providing commentary on the crowd gathering outside the Moscow church where the funeral is due to take place. They ask people to submit questions and thoughts. With just over an hour until the funeral begins, more than 130,000 people are tuned in.


Kremlin: no to unauthorized demonstrations for Navalny

The Kremlin has warned against any “unauthorized” demonstrations during the funeral of Alexei Navalny attended by hundreds of people in Moscow. “Any unauthorized demonstration will be a violation of the law. Accordingly, those who take part in it will be held responsible in accordance with the law in force,” Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, quoted by the Tass news agency.

In a phone call with journalists, Peskov said: “The Kremlin has nothing to say to Navalny's family on the day of his funeral.” The BBC reports it.


European ambassadors arrive at Navalny's funeral

European ambassadors are starting to arrive at the church where Alexei Navalny's funeral will take place at 12pm local time. The first to arrive was the French ambassador to Moscow Pierre Lévy, with the Italian chargé d'affaires Pietro Sferra Carini also present.


Riot trucks and many officers at Navalny's funeral church

Dozens of law enforcement vehicles and some riot police trucks are parked near the church in Moscow where Alexei Navalny's funeral will take place at 12pm local time. An AFP journalist also said he saw police officers wearing helmets and carrying tear gas canisters patrolling the area, including in nearby metro stations.


'Navalny's body has been handed over to his relatives'

Alexei Navalny's body has been delivered to his relatives, the hearse will leave the morgue to reach the church, Ivan Zhdanov, director of the Russian dissident's anti-corruption association, wrote on Telegram, quoted by the BBC. The coffin should reach the church in an hour.


Navalny's friend: 'so many police as if it were a riot'

Navalny's former chief of staff says there are already “many hundreds” of people waiting outside the church where the former Russian opposition leader's funeral will take place later. Leonid Volkov told the BBC that “many policemen were also gathered as if we were about to start a revolution”. “Our goal is a peaceful farewell and mourning, but it seems that the Russian authorities consider today a riot or something,” Volkov adds.


Hundreds already lined up in front of the church for Navalny's funeral

Hundreds of people are already lined up in front of the Church of the Icon of the Mother of God in Moscow, where Alexei Navalny's funeral will take place at 2pm local time. People come to lay flowers and people keep coming.


Team Navalny: Alexei's body not yet handed over to family

“The relatives arrived at the morgue at 10am, the time they were supposed to hand over Alexei's body to them. The body has not yet been released. The schedule has not changed yet but there may be delays.” Kira Yarmish, Navalny's spokeswoman, wrote this on X, two hours after the funeral of the dissident who died in a prison in Siberia.


'A few hours before the funeral you can't find a hearse'

A few hours before Alexei Navalny's funeral in Moscow, his spokeswoman Kira Yarmysh said they continue to face difficulties in organizing the ceremony and finding a hearse to take the body to church. The BBC reports it. The funeral will be held at 2 pm local time in a church on the southern outskirts of Moscow, the Temple of the Icon of the Mother of God.

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