The post Barbie, Margot Robbie's new film sold for its weight in gold


The post Barbie, Margot Robbie's new film sold for its weight in gold
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Margot Robbie's next film after Barbie was sold for its weight in gold at Sony and at the European Foreign Market in Berlin.
Fifty million dollars, according to the Deadline website, would be the amount paid by the Japanese entertainment giant for the script of A Big Bold Beautiful Journey in which the Irish actor Colin Farrell, the Penguin from Batman who last year he came close to winning an Oscar with his performance in The Spirits of Inisherin. The plot is absolutely top secret with very few indiscretions. It will be a romantic fantasy directed by the South Korean-American Kogonada (Pachinko and the science fiction drama After Yang, the latter presented at Sundance 2023 and in which Farrell stars): “The story of two who don't know each other and 'incredible journey that brings them together', we read in the short synopsis released by the production, while the World of Reel website adds some more details: David, a 37-year-old New Yorker, embarks on a journey in his Volkswagen Passat equipped with a special GPS that allows travel in time and space. At an upstate New York wedding he meets Sarah, who agrees to accompany him and with whom he explores the past and future. When the two then return to the present “they must decide whether to continue in the real world: two prudent souls faced with a big decision”.
The script is written by Seth Reiss of The Menu. The start of filming this spring in California is imminent.
Protagonist of the summer phenomenon film (1.4 billion dollars in takings) nominated for eight Oscars including best film (in which she also appears as a producer through her company Lucky Brand, despite being snubbed as best actress ), Robbie is one of the hottest stars of the moment: the fact that she has chosen BbbJ as her next project only adds luster to the production.
Sony obviously agrees, having beaten a lot of competition with millions of dollars: “Every now and then in this profession you read a script so special and original that it makes you fly until the last page”, he told Deadline Tom Rothman, president and CEO of Sony's Motion Picture Group: “Seiss is one of those scripts, while the cast with Margot and Colin and Kogonada's superb direction make it a heaven-sent project. We think audiences will hungry for originality and we consider ourselves lucky to have won it.”

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