The Pope writes to the owner of a delicatessen, 'congratulations for his cooked ham'


The Pope writes to the owner of a delicatessen, 'congratulations for his cooked ham'

Dozens of hanging hams welcome the customers of Paciotti, a delicatessen shop in Rome. But the thing the owner, Stefano Paciotti, is most proud of is that letter just in the window at the entrance, together with his envelope and a photo of Pope Francis. “Vatican, Holy See, 7 July 2023. Dear brother, thank you very much for the gift of the ham, very good. And thank you for the parchment. I pray for you and your family and I ask you not to forget to do it for me. May the Lord Bless her, may Our Lady keep her. Strongly, Francis.” The Holy Father wrote in his own hand. Stefano Paciotti, owner of this family-run delicatessen that has existed since 1970, does not hide the satisfaction and emotion for that phone call he received in the shop last summer. It was right from the Holy Father: he had just tasted their 100% Iberian cooked ham.

Paciotti, as World Brand Ambassador of the Rosa company, invented and industrially prepared this product together with the Turin company a few years ago: a 50/50 partnership between Italy and Spain. “We imported the raw material, legs of pure breed Iberian pigs and in Turin, with Italian craftsmanship and knowledge, it was transformed into cooked ham”, he says. “I presented it to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in the audience there was the Pope's personal assistant, who suggested that I let the Holy Father taste it. On July 7th he tasted it for lunch and after half an hour the phone rang in the delicatessen. It was him.”

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