The new mural by street artist TvBoy is dedicated to Ghali: "More true than many Italians"


The new mural by street artist TvBoy is dedicated to Ghali: "More true than many Italians"
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The street artist dedicated a work to the singer which portrays him with a guitar and an Italian flag: the reference is to the song by Toto Cutugno performed by Ghali on the stage of Sanremo 2024, “Italiano vero”

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A guitar in hand like Toto Cutugno, “Italiano vero” sung by Ghali during the last Sanremo Festival. Holding her in his arms is Ghali , the author of Casa Mia who brought his story as a second generation Italian, raised by a Tunisian mother on the outskirts of Baggio, to the Ariston stage.

The new mural by street artist TvBoy is dedicated to him, complete with caption/dedication: ” Truer than many Italians “. The reference is to the Bayna medley, performed by Ghali with Ratchopper during the duets evening , which mixed Arabic lyrics (including a song that inspired the name of the rescue boat donated by the singer to Mediterranea Saving Humans) and traditional musical songs national like Italiano Vero by Toto Cutugno. And to the open words of condemnation, pronounced next to the alien mascot Rich Chiolino during the last performance in Sanremo, which the Milanese artist launched to turn the spotlight on the war in the Middle East.

“Toto Cutugno's L'Italiano is the only Italian song that my mother sang when I was a child and it is the last memory I have of my parents together”, Ghali himself explained after reaching the top of the Sanremo 2024 finalists. “I always think of representing those neighborhood kids with parents who worked hard to raise them. I love and believe in this country which repudiates war by Constitution. I was born in Italy, I will get married in Italy, my children will be Italian, I will die in this Country. I too am a True Italian.”

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And again, regarding the choice to bring a song like Casa Mia to the Sanremo stage: “It's very clear, it talks about something we're experiencing right now “, he declared to . “It's a chance to express a very clear message. When music started to change my life, in a small way, I understood that I could use it to express myself, tell my story , to make many people understand that I think like them” .


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