Teresa Mannino's ironic commentary on Ariston: 'In power 'over' I prefer the power 'of''


Teresa Mannino's ironic commentary on Ariston: 'In power 'over' I prefer the power 'of''

The monologue returns to the Ariston stage with the intervention of Teresa Mannino: the false superiority of man, the perfection of nature, the power 'to' preferred to the power 'over'.

“We are in 2024 – reflects the actress, alternating the serious register with the comical one – but we think like 2524 years ago. The Greek philosopher Protagoras said that man is the measure of all things, and for us the rich, white man and the West is the measure of all things, except that it has lost it, it thinks that the rest of the world is at its disposal and what is not needed is eliminated. And what about women? What do they do? Yet they are busy. So let's talk about human beings , even better than a human animal. 60% of our genetic heritage is the same as bananas, which is why – he jokes – they say 'I scraped my knees', with monkeys it is the same as 98%, only that the information is not very widespread, chimpanzees are keen not to let it be known. We feel superior because we speak, in reality animals and plants do it in a different way. Baboons, for example, greet each other by squeezing their penises.”

Then the praise of the leaf cutter ants, who have created a perfect agricultural system in which the males only serve to procreate, “they don't even make them throw away the garbage, the only task is to provide the spermatozoa, which are in the queen's spermatheca, me I have to do the spermatheca too… their job is the nuptial flight, they mate and then die because they are no longer needed. But how advanced they are! They have no problems managing exes and happy males because their life is a one great fuck.” “Human animals on the other hand – Mannino comments – prefer power over other men, over women, over children, over nature. I too like power, but the power of, which has another energy, the power of laughing and making laughing, dressing in feathers, singing out of tune, dancing in the street. I'm not willing to ignore stories that haven't happened yet, if it hasn't happened, it's not the time to move on.”

“Sanremo is loved, Ama is loved, everyone loves each other but I'm not going down.” Teresa Mannino is the co-host of the third evening and immediately brings her ironic style to the stage, demolishing the liturgy of the staircase. “These stairs are different from all the stairs in the world, because they have curves, a glass floor, even wax. And then they are of no use – says the actress – because there are eight other entrances. Behind here we pray, there are amulets, signs of the cross… and he says it's the most beautiful moment, when 10 million Italians look at you… you should have been a psychologist.” Then he agrees to come down, but only when the audience loudly chants his name.

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