Alessandra Matteuzzi's feminicide: life sentence for the ex Giovanni Padovani


Alessandra Matteuzzi's feminicide: life sentence for the ex Giovanni Padovani

Life imprisonment for Giovanni Padovani, the 28-year-old who killed his ex-girlfriend Alessandra Matteuzzi, 56, outside her house on 23 August 2022 in Bologna. This was established by the Assize Court of Bologna, presided over by judge Domenico Pasquariello, after two hours of deliberation. Matteuzzi was killed by kicks, punches, hammers and finally hit with a bench.

The aggravating circumstances of stalking, the bond of emotional bond, abject motives and premeditation have been confirmed for the former footballer, as requested by the Prosecutor's Office. The mayor, Matteo Lepore, was also in the room.

The Court also established immediately enforceable provisional payments of 100 thousand euros for Alessandra Matteuzzi's sister, Stefania, and for her mother. Ten thousand euros instead for Alessandra's two grandchildren and 5 thousand euros for the other civil parties. As regards damages, however, they will be paid separately.

Sister Stefania in tears after the sentence

“Alessandra is no longer here, my sister is no longer here.” Stefania Matteuzzi, Alessandra's sister, burst into liberating tears when the sentence was read. Supported by her lawyer, Antonio Petroncini, and her two children, she left the courtroom without making any statements and without stopping crying.

“For once I steal the words of Giovanni Padovani said in this room this morning, no one has won, we are all defeated. True justice would be for Alessandra to be here with us, she is not there, she is in a cinerary urn and the Giovanni Padovani is responsible. That he was lucid, that he premeditated the murder of his ex-partner.” This was said by civil lawyer Chiara Rinaldi, who represents Alessandra Matteuzzi's two nephews, after the sentence that sentenced the victim's ex-boyfriend, Giovanni Padovani, to life imprisonment for murder. “All the contested aggravating circumstances have been accepted, we have always hoped and believed it. Today justice has taken its course, so to speak. This morning the sky was dark, gloomy and the law has torn that sky and probably Alessandra from the wrong half of the sky in which he finds himself, perhaps a smile has torn him away”, concluded Rinaldi.

The former Padovani: “If I have no problems, I demand life imprisonment”

“There are two families destroyed because of the undersigned, for a very serious and unforgivable gesture, but for these two families, in my opinion, there was no respect from some of the journalists, we were at their mercy. There was no respect for Alessandra, for her sister, her mother, for her nephews, for my mother, pointed out as the mother of a murderer, but she too is a woman”. The former footballer Giovanni Padovani said this, making spontaneous statements before the Court of Assizes of Bologna, which is trying him for the murder of his ex-girlfriend Alessandra Matteuzzi, killed on 23 August 2022 outside his house. “I have heard the word life imprisonment, if you believe that everything that was done in the months preceding the crime were normal things, and not abnormal, by a person who in any case had disorders and has disorders. If you think that what is happened, that a man who kills a woman with that ferocity is a normal thing, you have to put your hands in your hair and pull them very hard. If you think – added Padovani – that it was normal then I demand a life sentence, I want being in prison every day, hour, minute. What happened is very serious, because there is a person who is no longer here. And nothing more can be done. And in here, I wouldn't want to be on the side of the judges because theirs is a difficult decision. We have all lost, there are no winners or losers.”

“I entered prison at the age of 26 – said Padovani – I have always thought that honesty and transparency pay in life. There is a 26 year old boy who was a footballer and a model and he lacked nothing, then there is a 56 year old woman, very beautiful and intelligent who is no longer here. What I want to say is that if I was completely lucid and capable I deserve a life sentence. But if you consider that there is something abnormal, anomalous, in the conducted, then no”.

“I know the real truth, I wasn't well, because a person who is well doesn't kill another human being. It doesn't exist. I'm in a nightmare, I'm sorry, this is a bigger burden than prison. When you lose your ability If you try to see things clearly, you commit the irreparable. I had a lot to lose and Alessandra also lost a lot. Nobody wins here today.” Then Padovani concluded: “Today I ask that justice must be done because Giovanni Padovani must pay, he killed a woman. But justice must be done without being influenced by the media.”

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