The case of the censored Ghali interview


The case of the censored Ghali interview


Repubblica denies having ever censored the interview with Ghali conducted during Sanremo and not published due to the failure to answer a subsequent question. What happened between the newspaper and the singer, protagonist of Sanremo 2024 with the song “Casa mia”, was Il Fatto Quotidiano who told us in an article that the newspaper's upper echelons had stopped the publication of the interview with Festival in course: “Why? Because the message, a sort of exhortation to peace, did not contain references (and condemnations) to the October 7 massacre, and therefore to Hamas” writes the newspaper edited by Peter Gomez.

Ghali's interview not published

The interview should have been published on Saturday , but nothing: in those hours Ghali had been criticized by the Jewish community of Milan who had called him anti-Israeli, but he had not yet shouted his “Stop the genocide” which would have been suggested by his alien Rich-ciolino during the final evening and which would have triggered the response of Rai CEO Sergio who would have asked Mara Venier to read a pro-Israel statement during Domenica In. According to the Il Fatto article – which is also confirmed by the Republic itself – Ghali is asked “to add a question, on the Hamas attacks of October 7. A request that Ghali or his staff rejected”.

Repubblica's version

This is the report of the newspaper directed by Gomez and today, Tuesday, Repubblica decides to respond – three days after the closing of the Festival – by publishing Ghali's interview and doing so in response to the Il Fatto article, rejecting the accusations of censorship, but confirming that after closing the interview in Sanremo, the newspaper had forwarded Ghali a question about October 7th to which the singer decided not to answer. The key to the interview, which is different from the one written by Moretti, says:

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Regarding what was published today by Fatto Quotidiano, the management of Repubblica specifies that no censorship was ever made against the singer Ghali , instead he was asked to answer a question on the controversy following his first speech in Sanremo regarding the failure to refer to October 7 and he chose not to. We are publishing the interview in question on our website which awaits your response on this topic because the dialogue between different perspectives enriches everyone. Below is the text of the interview with Ghali, still awaiting a response on October 7th.

What Ghali said in the interview

In the interview, Ghali says that he began writing My Home before the 7 October attack by Hamas: “I started writing 'My Home' long before 7 October, then in light of what happened some passages inevitably loaded with a topicality, a disruptive strength and authenticity, a reason that pushed me even more to bring it to the Festival” further explaining that I have no qualifications or power to settle any controversy but with the desire to “trigger a reflection with the hope that tomorrow can be better for everyone.”


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