“The bust of Simón Bolívar in Rome desecrated by fascists”, the complaint comes from Nicolás Maduro


“The bust of Simón Bolívar in Rome desecrated by fascists”, the complaint comes from Nicolás Maduro

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro also spoke about the damage to the bust of Simón Bolívar. “Here you took an oath to liberate our America, I repudiate this fascist aggression,” he declared.

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“I denounce the unacceptable aggression perpetrated by the fascists against Simón Bolívar .” These words come directly from Latin America. These were pronounced by the president of Venezuela Nicolás Maduro after seeing the images of the bust of Simón Bolívar lying on the ground and broken.

“I totally repudiate this aggression carried out by those who are friends of the Venezuelan far right , of those who do not love the homeland – continued Maduro – This is what they would like to do to the Venezuelan people and, let's be clear, you, we will not allow it! With Bolívar we always go towards victory .”

As soon as they learned of what happened, the councilors of the III Municipality for Culture, Luca Blasi, and for the Environment, Matteo Zocchi, went to the park that houses the bust to carry out an inspection. With them also the Ama staff, who then fenced it off awaiting restoration (as seen in the opening photo, on the right).

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Simón Bolívar and the oath in Montesacro in 1805

The “Father and Liberator of our free America”, as Maduro defines him, had taken the oath in Rome on August 15, 1805, promising to free his people from Spanish domination. “I swear on my honor and I swear on my homeland that I will not give rest to my arm nor rest to my soul until I have broken the chains that oppress us by the will of the Spanish power”, he would have said right in the Montesacro area, in the quadrant north east of the capital.

Thus, in 1930 a statue of Pietro Canonica arrived in the neighborhood on horseback to celebrate the centenary of his death and, later, a park was inaugurated that bears his name, inside which there is an obelisk and a bust, erected in 2005.


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