Vision Pro will replace iPads within four years


Vision Pro will replace iPads within four years

Apple's first mixed reality headset, Vision Pro, was launched a few days ago in the United States. After the first wave of hype caused by the availability, the experts take stock of what can actually be done by wearing the innovative gadgets. Mark Gurman, Bloomberg journalist and informed on the facts regarding Apple, says he is convinced that within four years the Vision Pro will replace the iPad in consumer preferences. “The iPad is positioned as a replacement for the Mac, complete with accessories such as a keyboard and mouse and professional applications,” Gurman writes.

“This will only accelerate Apple's strategies over the next couple of years, as the company looks to bring more computing functionality to tablets. And that's where Vision Pro comes in. There's been a lot of talk about the fact that the headset could be the future of the Mac or a replacement for the iPhone. I don't think either is true. After using the device for about a week, I believe the Vision Pro could replace the iPad instead. It has the potential to provide a far better experience for the core jobs the tablet was designed for even though it's still early days.” Precisely in the USA, many consumers have focused on what should be improved in the next generations of Vision Pro. Among other things, there is talk of the uncomfortable elastic band that surrounds the viewers and binds them to the face as well as the external battery, which It offers too little battery life, around two hours.

Many of the apps, an adaptation from the iPhone and iPad, do not support eye tracking while the camera would not be able to produce clear images of the surrounding environment, making prolonged use of mixed reality difficult.

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